15 Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

Haseeb Awan
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December 14, 2022
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April 18, 2023

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Modified On
April 18, 2023


The reason behind Android's unparalleled success is its freedom. Android gives its users a multitude of customization options. The ease with which they may change and optimize the UI, icons, transitions, and fonts is legendary. If you desire to take full advantage of your Android device, you should root it. Rooting your Android device is relatively easy. Once you've rooted your Android telephone, you can completely control it and make developer-level modifications. However, if you're still on the fence, we hope this article helps you make up your mind. We will now explain the advantages of rooting your device, so let's begin.

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15 Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

You Can Install a Custom ROM

Besides a few manufacturers who provide Stock Android, almost all other firms offer their unique UI (e.g., Oxygen UI, MIUI, EMUI, etc.). The UI you may or may not like is quite unavoidable. One way or another, you cannot alter it. If you want to alter the look of your telephone, you can install a third-party launcher. However, it would still run on the OEM UI. You may not discover it, but there is only one method to modify your telephone: after rooting your device, you can install a Custom ROM. Using a custom ROM, you can use the most recent version of Android without waiting for the update to roll out for your model. You can utilize the newest features of Android in the future.

Even though a custom operating system makes it possible to perform many modifications and customizations, it also supplies you with several unique capabilities. By rooting your phone, you can get the unique abilities you would have to buy a new phone.

Limitless Customization Opportunities

You can modify every aspect of your Android phone, from the screen layout to the color scheme, iconography, animation, and fonts, to the system-level modifications. You can even change the navigation buttons, modify the quick access menu, modify the notification shade, tweak the audio settings, and more.

You can completely change the appearance of your phone by experimenting with different ROMs, modules, alteration tools, etc. You can even change the startup animation. You can also try applications like GMD Gestures, which allow you to perform Gestures like opening an app, taking a screenshot, turning Wi-Fi on and off, etc. For tech enthusiasts, rooting their devices unlocks limitless opportunities to modify and personalize them. Many apps and programs are available for free to assist them with this.

Improve Your Battery Life

Although plenty of battery life-extending apps are available, most are ineffective. A lot of the time, background processes that run on the Android phone, even when idle, is to blame. That is where Greenify comes in. It is one of the most effective battery optimization apps because it can analyze your device and identify which programs and apps drain the battery. You can grant superuser access to battery saver apps on a rooted mobile device. Doing so will allow you to hibernate apps you don't often use, saving much battery life. Once you root your mobile device, it will last longer.

Enjoy the Wonders of Automation

Sometimes, it can be challenging to manually switch on/off your phone's Wi-GPS, Bluetooth, or other features. With automation apps like Tasker, you can automate several actions on your phone. Using apps like Tasker, you can switch on/off the Wi-Fi and GPS or lock your phone and other similar features. You will only be able to enjoy the full potential of Tasker if your device is rooted. In addition, this app also brings many other exciting automation apps that an advanced Android user would love to discover. For instance, you can set your phone to enter driving mode when you connect to Bluetooth in your vehicle. Your GPS will automatically be activated when you do so, and Google Assistant will read out your messages.

Get Control Over Your Kernel

The operating system installs on the Kernel of your device. It runs all of the hardware-software connections. Kernel serves as a control center for your phone and a means of communication between it and the software. To alter and tweak its settings, you must root your phone.

Once you root your Android phone, you can flash a custom Kernel like Franco Kernel or Elemental X, providing great flexibility and flexibility. You may overclock the processor (Gold cores) to improve performance while playing games or producing movies. In addition, you may underclock the processor to reduce the power consumption of specific applications. You can also recalibrate your mobile phone's display and vibration motor in addition to that. Therefore, if you enjoy modifying the Kernel's settings, root your Android device as soon as possible.

Get Rid of Junk Files

Junk files can be devastating to a phone's storage. Junk files comprise old and unused app data, cache files, duplicates, temporary files, etc. The Play Store is home to several Cleaner apps, but most could be more effective. The best apps for surface cleaning are few and far between. In addition to rooting, SD Maid is a fantastic app that allows deep cleaning. It can thoroughly scan internal and external memory to identify all the junk and unwanted data. You can configure the app to run automatically, so it will continue to perform its job in the background. As a result, you'll always have room for your most important data.

Remove Bloatware

Though Bloatware is present in every Android device, it rarely uses. Bloatware includes preinstalled apps that are either OEM-added or part of the Android operating system. Bloatware occupies a lot of space, but it only performs a little. That is because you can remove or delete them. It would help if you had a small internal memory to utilize it properly. The root can only remove Bloatware. A rooted Android phone allows you to remove system apps or Bloatware. Titanium Backup, No Bloat Free, and other apps help remove system apps. Once they are rooted, they can uninstall any app from your phone.

On the other hand, You must eliminate Bloatware via third-party applications like Titanium Backup, No Bloat Free, etc. Once you have gained root access, these applications will be able to eliminate any app from your phone.

Put an End to Annoying Ads

Ads are ubiquitous in apps you use. They're aggravating and frustrating to deal with in most cases. Apps constantly try to persuade you to upgrade to the premium version so that you may enjoy an ad-free experience. Luckily, there's an easy and free technique to remove ads from your phone. Just root your Android device. AdAway is all you need to get rid of all ads. After installing AdAway, you will have the ability to stop ads from appearing on your device. Ads may be blocked on both app and web pages using filters. As a superuser, you'll be able to block entire ad networks and reject ads forever. If you ever feel like patronizing an app or website, you'll be able to continue receiving their advertisements. You'll be able to decide everything once you root your Android phone.

Backup Your Data Properly

Backup apps on Android smartphones are decent, but they are no match for the considerable backing-up abilities of a rooted device. Google and some OEMs provide backup features on their devices, but more is needed to match the extensive backing capabilities of a rooted phone. Apps like Titanium Backup (which requires root access) can back up everything on your phone. Because of its substantial capabilities, this software can back up data otherwise neglected by system backup apps. You can back up applications, contacts, text messages, and system apps, to name a few things, using Titanium Backup. You can smoothly transfer all the exciting information on your device if it's rooted.

Enjoy New Features

If you're a tech geek and enjoy experimenting with exciting updates, root your Android phone. When a new piece of technology releases in the market, mobile manufacturers only allow a few to use the newest models. This marketing technique entices you to upgrade to a new smartphone. If you root your Android phone and then install apps and modules like Magisk Module and Xposed Framework, you can install a lot of exciting functions like multi-window, playing YouTube in the background, and boosting audio performance. Certain functions may be accessible using the following:

  • Play games on your mobile using a PlayStation controller
  • Installing apps that had prohibited in your country
  • Bypassing geo-restrictions on media content and websites by setting a fake location
  • Using a secure and protected connection on a public Wi-Five network
  • Using camera features like recording videos in high fps or slow motion, even if the native camera app doesn't support them.

The best practice to get the most out of your device is to root it.

Get Access to New Apps

The point of rooting your Android device is that it opens the door to a wide range of apps you can install. In addition to the billions of apps on the Play Store, countless applications are outside the APK format. Many of these are fun and intriguing but only work on devices with root permissions. Apps like Disk Digger, DriveDroid, Migrate, Substratum, etc., add much more functionality to your device. These apps help you manage the space on your smartphone and clean out junk files on an administrative level. Another incentive to root your smartphone is VIPER4Android, which lets you modify the audio output of the built-in speaker and other external audio devices. If you like to tweak the audio settings on your device, this is a must-have app. It lets you modify the audio produced by the device's built-in speaker and other external speakers.

If you're interested in only some technical stuff, you can still have much fun with the EmojiSwitch app. It allows you to add new and exciting emoji packs to your device. You can do this with a rooted phone and the latest version of iOS or Samsung. In some cases, you can get them before they had publicly unveiled.

Convert Non-System Apps Into System Apps

Now we all know that an Android system app gets more favor than a third-party app. The best way to ensure that system apps get the most of the built-in integrated Android features is to convert them into third-party apps. You can do this only if your device is rooted. With applications like Titanium Backup Pro (which needs root access), you can convert any application into a system application. You can convert a third-party file manager application to a system application and replace the preinstalled one. This way, you can give it more control over your files. You can also make a custom system app the default, allowing it to utilize integrated features like Google Assistant support and Google Now feeds, as well as Android Pie's multitasking UI.

When converting appropriate apps into System apps, you can guarantee you will not wipe that system apps even after a factory reset. In addition to being non-removable, system apps do not get removed even after a factory reset, allowing you to ensure that a particular app and its data stay intact when performing a factory reset. Now, multitasking UI in Android Pie, feed updates, and so on are all samples of this.

Get Better Security Support

The Android operating system could be more secure. Data theft and privacy violations are relatively common. Rooting your phone will give you a more vulnerable system, but you can strengthen your security.

You can make your device extra secure and protected against malware by utilizing custom ROMs like Lineage OS and Copperhead OS. The security feature of this software is much more advanced than the standard Android system. By employing these programs, you can safeguard your privacy and limit the amount of data an app collects. You can also limit the permissions and privileges of third-party apps to ensure the safety of your data and device. You are getting the most recent security updates and building additional firewalls. In addition, rooting your device allows you to utilize apps like AFWall+, a unique internet security solution that blocks websites from collecting sensitive personal data. It prevents websites from collecting sensitive information from you by blocking malicious content from the internet.

Prevent Google From Collecting Your Data

Data mining is carried out by all the big tech companies, including Google, in one way or the other. This data generates user-specific ads that subtly nudge you to purchase. It is a privacy violation. How would you feel if a third-party company had access to your search history, messages, conversations, activity logs, and so on? Most people, however, have come to accept this as the price of free Google services and apps.

The best solution for privacy-concerned Android users is to root their devices. By doing so, you can avoid relying entirely on Google services. You can begin by installing a custom operating system that does not utilize Google services. Furthermore, you can utilize free and open-source alternatives to the Play Store to finish your app downloads. These apps are excellent substitutes for Google applications and do not collect data.

Try Hacks and Cheats for Games

There are certain circumstances where using cheats and hacks is ethically acceptable. Now, online multiplayer games are a strict no-no. It would not be fair to the other game players if you used hacks. However, in the event of a single offline player, you may play with a bit of enthusiasm. Microtransactions are a standard feature in some games, and hacking them makes it easier to progress through the game.

If you root your Android phone, you can use hacks and cheats in a game. Several hacking tools like Lucky Patcher allow you to exploit the game's code. You can use these tools to gain unlimited coins, gems, hearts, or other resources. You can also unlock special abilities and powers. All premium items can obtain for free, in addition to rooting your device and removing ads. You will be able to control all the critical variables and metrics of the game if it includes advertisements. Experimenting with remarkable aspects and significantly improving the experience are just a few advantages of rooting.



That is all we have to say on this topic. Now that you comprehend how to root your device, you can completely control it. You can change the font to use different emojis after rooting your phone. You may overclock or underclock the CPU cores, for example, after rooting your device. That is why rooting may be the most incredible thing you can do with your phone.

The good news is that rooting has some risk potential. You can completely modify system files, so make sure to be careful. Doing research before undertaking something new is imperative, as many malicious applications might cause serious harm if they get root access. Furthermore, you may be bricking your device (altogether ceasing to function) if you remove one of the crucial system files. Therefore, it is critical that you have a good grasp of Android and that you've done it before rooting your device.

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