The Next Technological Step in the Fight Against Cybercrime

Efani’s proprietary technology makes it harder for cybercriminals to hack mobile phones.

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Why Invest in Efani

As of 2018, over 2.5 billion accounts were hacked.

According to RSA Security, about 60% of the world’s cyberattacks are initiated on mobile devices.

The Challenge

Cybercrime and SIM Swaps

Cybercrime is expected to cost individuals and businesses $10.5 trillion USD annually by 2025.

SIM swaps are a devastating form of attack that are on the rise for mobile phones. A Princeton University study from 2020 found that 80% of SIM swap attacks are successful.

A SIM swap is a form of social engineering in which the hacker fools or bribes a mobile service provider into issuing a new SIM card for a number. Once they get access to your phone data, it’s easy to request new passwords, take over accounts, and get access to finances or private information. Cryptocurrency traders are often a target, as are any kind of financial professional, executive, or celebrity.

Traditional mobile service providers are inundated by thousands of legitimate requests for new SIM cards every day. Their processes are geared for efficiency, and after a few standard security checks (often involving information that can be found on users’ social media accounts), their employees typically approve the request

The Solution

Better Security Technology and Processes

Efani provides all the advantages of top 5G mobile phone services, but has much better security technology and processes.

Efani offers its customers

  • 100% guarantee against SIM swaps.

  • $5 million in insurance coverage.

  • State-of-the-art encryption.

While it’s easy for our subscribers to recover from a lost or stolen phone, we make it harder for hackers to carry out a SIM swap. There’s a mandatory 14-day cooling off period before a SIM swap request is approved, and there’s a rigorous approval process that goes through multiple staff members. To date, no attempt has gotten past the third step of our 11-step process.

We have also taken care to secure against one of the greatest security vulnerabilities in existence: the human factor. We have stringent standards for hiring, pay above-average salaries, and (transparently) monitor our team via CCTV.

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The Opportunity

Businesses and VIPs with A Lot to Lose

Organizations and people who safeguard sensitive information are often conscious of cybersecurity threats, and are willing to pay a little bit more to get the protection they need.


First Mover Advantage

While there are some complex cybersecurity solutions for businesses and homes, we believe we are the only dedicated secure mobile phone service.

We’re getting strong word-of-mouth adoption, especially in the cryptocurrency community, and even more importantly, our churn rate is so low that it’s practically nonexistent.

The Right Team

Efani has put together a strong team that has the technology, operational and marketing capability to grow this service.

Haseeb Awan, our CEO, has a great track record of growing businesses and has had two successful exits so far. He co-founded one of the first and largest bitcoin ATM companies in the world, with over 6,000 locations in 15 countries. Haseeb regularly provides expert commentary about SIM swaps and other cybercrime issues for journalists from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and dozens of other trusted publications.

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Our Investors

We feel deeply honored because our investors believe in a safer world with EFANI

Teck Chia


Taher Savliwala

Co-Founder & CEO

Stu Levy

Founder & CEO

Shiva Rajaraman

Former Chief Product Officer

Shawn Xu


Ray Li

Co-Founder & CEO

Perry Tam

Co-Founder & CEO

Patrick Lee


Nan Wang

Co-Founder & CEO

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