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My cell phone has been ported twice and I no longer use sms for any 2 factor. I partnered with http://efani.com to create the most secure global network. Never be hacked, stay on any USA network, $99 a month unlimited.

Charlie Shrem

Use @efani. After switching, unfortunately after being sim hacked using Verizon, simswaps feel a thing of the past in my mind now.


Devastating to hear this. I switched to @efani secure phone service a few weeks back. You'll never have to worry about sim swap again. Highly recommend.


With all this hacking, if you use one of the major phone services in the US you should really look into Efani, I switched from Sprint to Efani this year and haven't looked back Protection Against SIM Hacking and privacy. I agree with @scottmelker on this

Josh Rager

@efani is the only secure sim service provider across the globe. They dont sell you on the internet.

Zahoor Ahmed Khan

Thank you @scottmelker for the quick response and handoff to @haseeb . He helped me immediately and I'm switching to @efani as a result of this as he acted quickly on my behalf. I think we have things secured but 🤷‍♂️. Hackers got away with about $2k thusfar. @Ledger @coinbase


Just switched to @efani . @haseeb made the switch very smooth in spite of some bumbling by me. Already feeling a little weight of concern melting away.


Services like Efani ( @efani ) provide protection from SIM swaps. Not sure if there are other similar providers.


Dump them and switch to @efani with @haseeb tonight. No more worries.


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