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Efani provides mobile services with a key difference unrivaled protection against SIM swaps


For VIP Security

Efani replaces your current phone plan with coverage from one of America’s two top mobile networks. We’ll send you an encrypted SIM card to put into your existing phone. You can keep using your existing phone number, or we can give you anew one if needed.

The whole porting process is hassle-free and takes 10minutes, maximum.

$99 per phone line, all taxes included.
60-day 100% money back guarantee.
Encrypted SIM cards included.
No Contracts!
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Unlimited call, text, and data

in the USA, Canada and Mexico
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International data roaming

(*eSIM compatible).
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5G network speed

availability, and ultra-low Latency
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24/7/365 customer support

Security Features

Every Efani plan not only encrypts your communications and your data, there’s an 11-layer proprietary authentication process before a SIM swap process can be approved.

We Walk the Talk

100% guaranteed protection against SIM swaps.
$5 million in insurance against losses due to SIM swaps.

SIM Swap Protection

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