Defend Your Sensitive Mobile Communications

Against IMSI Catchers/Stingrays

Efani’s mobile government solutions provide the protection that public sector organizations need to carry out their mandates securely.

IMSI Catchers: Part of Today’s Digital Threat Landscape

IMSI catchers, commonly known by the brand name Stingray, are essentially spoof cellular towers used to intercept calls, texts, and any other information being shared using mobile devices.

About the size of a laptop computer, IMSI catchers can be used from a hotel room, car, coffee shop or drone, and pose significant risks to our national security. They are commonly used by malicious actors, including criminal organizations and the intelligence agencies of hostile foreign governments.

Ironically, IMSI catchers started out as a law enforcement technology. Since the late 1990s, however, almost anyone with the expertise has been able to build one using about $1,000 in parts and instructions freely available online.

As with all technologies, now that IMSI catchers have emerged from Pandora’s box, there’s no way to put them back in. But organizations can still take steps to defend themselves.

Introducing  Black Seal Protection

How It Works

Efani’s Black Seal™ plan replaces your team’s existing mobile carrier plans, and provides an added shield of proprietary security technology.

Individuals on the plan retain their existing phones and phone numbers (new phone numbers can also be provided).

Only Efani Black Seal™ defends against

Eavesdropping via IMSI/Stingray cell tower spoofing
Silent malicious SMS attacks
SS7 location tracking attacks
IP data and DDOS attacks
Spam calls and texts
SIM swap attacks

Technology Overview

Efani Black Seal™ includes a portal that allows administrators to view a heat map of unauthorized access attempts for all mobile devices under their purview. Effectively, these smartphones are turned into hacking attempt detection devices.

Real-time threat analysis with heat map
Real-time provisioning and monitoring
EnDNS cache and data firewall rules
Integrates with existing SIEM
State-of-the-art cryptography
Location-based policy
IMSI management
API-based access
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Unlimited call, text, and data

in the USA, Canada and Mexico
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International data roaming

(*eSIM compatible).
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5G network speed

availability, and ultra-low Latency
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customer service

24/7/365 customer support

Board of Advisors

Vice President, The Cohen Group
Mark Brunner
Former Senior Executive, CIO
Steve Cooper
President, Potomac International Partners
Phillip J. Bond
CEO, Potomac International Partners
Mark D. Cowan
Oconus Security LLC
Andrew F. Coumes

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Efani is approved under the General Services Administration framework and is G6 procurement-ready:

DUNS: 118328875


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