How to install a SIM Card?

By Haseeb Awan

I purchased a phone recently. Not only do I love it but guess what? I couldn't set up a sim card installation myself.

I consumed 20 minutes figuring out what to do.

BOOM! It was easy - and - it took me hardly 12 minutes to completely install it.

Yes, I counted the time. This inspired me to write a post and show you exactly how you can install and the SIM card, in less than 12 minutes, as a DIY. No strings attached, let's get into it.  

From switching to a different carrier to fitting a SIM to a new phone could be complex, at times. Phones are complex, albeit. However, this guide will ease your SIM installation tantrums, issues - or - whatsoever.

So, the installation of a sim is dependent upon the type of phone you have, the model type, the manufacturer, the location, the SIM size.

For instance, other than iPhones and Galaxy S8, most other phones have their SIM card located behind their battery or next to it. The backpack could be removed using your fingernail or anything that doesn't harm your phone.

What about S8 or iPhones and other latest devices? Let's unlock this little mystery. You have to peep into a small hole that has a small access tray. It is released by pushing in a tool like a paper clip or a similar SIM-eject tool.

It's easy. Let's move on to the kind of SIM card you need. SIM cards are allocated to different devices and therefore, it comes in various sizes.

What are different SIM sizes?

Since sizes vary, each size offers the same technical capacity or functionality. The best sizes offer:

  • Nano
  • Micro SIM
  • Standard SIM

Most phones are GSM compatible. The SIM card is 12.3x8.8x0.67mm, i.e. quite micro or smaller size. However, Efani Sim kit comes in all the aforementioned sizes and is designed to fit any 4G or 5G (unlocked) devices. You only need to change the cards only when you are switching carriers or upgrading your devices. However, at which point getting a setup through EFANI would be a viable solution.

As a second option, you can resize your own SIM card - this is not highly recommendable, however. Irrespective of a Nano-SIM size, you may risk your SIM card or damage it by cutting the micro sim down to a Nano/GSM Sim.

A short note on phones that are locked

Some phones are locked and operate only with certain service providers, so you can put your SIM card in, start your phone, and notice it's not working. Contact your existing carrier if that happens. They're going to help steer you towards a solution. EFANI could offer a trade-in solution for such devices in exceptional cases.

How to replace a SIM Card?

So far, you've learned a lot at this stage. Kudos to our readers! The process is homogenous for every SIM card/size you have.

The only prerequisite would be to switch your device off whenever you're installing a SIM card and turn the phone on once the installation has been completed.

For Phones other than Galaxy S8 and iPhone you will need to:

Release the phone's back cover and take the battery off your device
You can see the card behind the batter, prompt the slide using your fingernail or similar tool
Replace the SIM in your slot and place the battery and cover back on your device

For iPhones and Galaxy S8:

There is a small hole on your phone's side. That's the size of a paper clip at the end.
In the hole that releases the SIM tray, insert the given tool or a paper clip.
Take the old SIM card out and put the new one in the same manner.
Move the tray cautiously back in.

Special notes (re iPhones):

For an iPhone 12 (and above), such as iPhone 12 mini; iPhone 12 Pro; and iPhone 12 Pro Max, you can find the SIM tray on the left side of these smartphones.

However, for models that are before iPhone 12, such as 11 Pro; iPhone 11 Pro Max; iPhone 11
iPhone XS; iPhone XS Max; iPhone XR and iPhone X you can find the SIM tray on the right side.

For other models, such as iPhone 3GS; iPhone 3G; and the original iPhone you can locate the SIM tray on the top of the device.

Abstracted from: Apple support

You've got it there. We have assisted you to install your new SIM card. Please remember to turn the phone back on.

What are the procedures for an iPad?

Open the SIM tray, insert a paperclip into the hole next to the tray, or a SIM-eject tool. Press in, just don't stress it on the iPad. If you have trouble ejecting the SIM tray.

Take-Home Message

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