How Efani Keeps International Travelers' Phones Secure

Mark Kreitzman
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November 14, 2023


In an era where international travel is more accessible than ever, staying connected while maintaining security is a top priority for globetrotters. With the rise of cyber threats and the increasing dependence on mobile devices, safeguarding personal information has become crucial. Efani, a leading mobile security provider, has emerged as a reliable solution for international travelers seeking to protect their data and communication.

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Threat of Security to the International Traveler

One of the most significant threats faced by international travelers is SIM swapping, a technique where attackers gain control of a user's phone number, allowing them to intercept calls and messages. Imagine you're on a long overnight flight to Tokyo where you land safely, only to find out that your mobile account has been stolen away.   You panic and try to remember the last time you used your phone.

How many hours could the hacker have owned your mobile number?  How do you call your carrier to report it's been stolen?  How do you communicate with locals without your smartphone helping with translations?  Will the carrier think you're the hacker when you're calling from overseas?   Do you have your mobile account information on hand to even get verified?  How do you call your Uber?  What if the hackers can access my personal apps, or my business apps to impersonate me?  These questions and more will race through your mind knowing that the longer the hacker owns your mobile number the deeper they can go.  

Threat of Privacy to the International Traveler

Most people are aware that their data is being collected, tracked, sold, and possibly used in both legal and illegal ways.   If you have not researched the industry of data collection then its safe to say that it's much worse that you can imagine as its become a bigger industry than oil and gas.   When your personal information sits in that mobile carrier account, all the usage of that device over the mobile network can be collected and tied to you.  It is well know that many countries love to collect this type of data and you should assume that in many parts of the world, whenever you land at the airport, the data collection may begin by using your mobile connectivity.  

How Efani Secures The International Travelers?

The Efani SAFE plan provides many benefits to the international traveler making it a very easy choice for those who want security, privacy and usability.

First, the Efani SAFE plan includes SIM swap protection, preventing unauthorized individuals from hijacking your mobile number. This ensures that your communication remains confidential and intact during your travels and you're able to take long flights, sleep, vacation, or do business with peace of mind.   

Second, the Efani SAFE plan provides privacy benefits by removing your personal information from the carrier's database.   With Efani, you can choose between using two of the top mobile carriers in the US, and in either case you personal information is hidden from the carrier.  Not  only does the carrier not have your personal information in their database, anyone who tries to collect your information whether it's a foreign government, or 3rd party entity such as hackers, will have an even harder time associating your mobile number with you.  

Last, the Efani SAFE plan includes both WiFi calling and international data roaming as part of the standard price.  This means that whenever you travel, you simply let Efani know when and where and Efani ensures that when you land you will have LTE/5G connectivity with all the security and privacy benefits outlined above, and you can use all your apps such as Telegram, Signal, and others, with no issues.   When you travel and have a WiFi connection, you can use your mobile number and SMS via the WiFi connection and this is all free of charge.   If you want add-ons such as international voice and SMS then those features are available on one of the network choices as well for an additional charge. 

SIM Swap Protection

Get our SAFE plan for guaranteed SIM swap protection.

Protect Your Phone Now


Efani stands out as the only secure and private mobile solution for travelers.  From SIM swap protection, privacy benefits, international data roaming, and WiFi calling, Efani is the clear winner in both service, security, and features. 

For a price as low as $99 per month, or $999 per year, what are you waiting for?  

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Mark Kreitzman
General Manager, Efani Secure Mobile

I am General Manager at Efani Secure Mobile. I have over 20 years of experience in enterprise cybersecurity, including 8 years focused on mobile security. I have a high level of achievements and expertise in the Service Provider Alliance/Partner space. I am positioned at senior levels with SPs/Resellers such as AT&T, Verizon, Cisco Systems, and many others. I have deep experience in SaaS, cybersecurity, telecom, mobile & blockchain.

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SIM SWAP Protection

Get our SAFE plan for guaranteed SIM swap protection.