The Best 10 Free International Calling Apps of 2024: What You Need to Know

Haseeb Awan
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February 22, 2024


Because of increased global connectivity, keeping in touch with family members, friends, and coworkers overseas is simpler than ever. Thanks to the proliferation of international calling applications, staying in touch with people worldwide is possible without worrying about hefty phone bills. Which is best? Most of these apps are at no cost. I'll discuss the top 10 international calling applications for 2024 in this post. For you to choose the app that best meets your needs, I will be examining the features, benefits, and drawbacks. This page covers everything you need, whether you're an ex-pat, a regular traveler, or someone who wants to keep in touch with friends and relatives living abroad. With these top 10 international calling applications, bid astronomical phone bills farewell and welcome to cost-free international calls.

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The Importance of Staying Connected Internationally

Staying connected worldwide has become essential in the globalized world of today. The capacity to contact family, friends, coworkers, or business partners from anywhere in the world is helpful for both personal and professional reasons. However, conventional international calling services can be expensive and complicated, preventing effective communication.

Apps for international calling come into play in this situation. By offering a practical and cheap means of maintaining connections across borders, these cutting-edge technologies have fundamentally changed how we communicate with one another. Users can reach any location on Earth with just a smartphone and an internet connection, bypassing the restrictions of conventional phone networks.

It is impossible to exaggerate how crucial it is to maintain international connections. It makes it possible for families and friends who are separated by distance to fill the gap and sustain enduring bonds. Businesses can broaden their reach and work with partners in other time zones. It enables people to take advantage of new opportunities while staying in touch with loved ones back home, studying abroad, or taking a world trip.

Additionally, making and receiving phone calls is one of many ways to keep in touch overseas. Video calls, messaging, file sharing, and other types of digital communication have all been part of it as it has developed. Because of these apps ' wide range of functions, it is now simpler than ever to communicate with anybody, anywhere, at any time.

The top 10 global calling apps for 2024 are discussed in this blog post. These apps' popularity, call quality, usability, and feature set have all been thoroughly considered. This list will provide you with the finest options to make free or inexpensive international calls, whether you're a regular traveler, ex-pat, or someone who wants to stay in touch with overseas acquaintances.

Therefore, let's explore the world of international calling apps and learn how to stay in touch for nothing in 2024.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an International Calling App

There are several things to consider while selecting an app for international calling. Given the variety of possibilities on the market, finding an app that satisfies your unique demands and expectations is crucial. Before selecting a choice, take into account the following essential factors:

  • Call Quality: The app's call quality is one of the most crucial elements to consider. Look for a mobile app that provides dependable, crisp, and clear voice calls. Call quality can be annoying and might make it easier to communicate clearly.
  • Cost: Even though staying connected should be free, it's crucial to consider any supplemental fees for the app. While some applications may provide free calls to specific countries or for a limited period, others may provide reasonably priced subscription options with unlimited calling. Make careful to evaluate the pricing structure and select an app that fits inside your spending limit.
  • Ease of Use: The app's user interface and general usability should also be considered. To access an app and make calls without difficulty, look for one with an easy-to-understand design.
  • Compatibility: Verify that the app is compatible with your mobile phone's iOS or Android version. Additionally, check to see if the app supports voice and video calls, which may be necessary depending on your communication needs.
  • Features: Various features offered by different apps might improve your calling experience. Choose an app that offers crucial features to you by taking into account features like call recording, call forwarding, voicemail, and caller ID.
  • Network Connectivity: Verify whether the app will demand a steady internet connection. A minimum internet speed may be necessary for some apps, while others may allow users to make calls over Wi-Fi or cellular data. Choose an app that meets your network requirements after evaluating your connectivity possibilities.
  • Customer Reviews: Read the app's reviews and ratings before deciding. The software's effectiveness, dependability, and general user pleasure can all be learned from this.

You may choose an international calling app that offers top-notch, inexpensive, and practical communication alternatives by considering these criteria and making an informed decision. Without spending a fortune, stay in touch with your family worldwide.

Top 10 Free International Calling Apps

WhatsApp: the Most Popular International Calling App

Unquestionably, millions of individuals worldwide now choose WhatsApp as their preferred app for making international calls. It has established itself as the most well-liked tool for maintaining connections across borders because of its user-friendly layout and various functions.

  • WhatsApp's extensive reach is one of the primary factors in its popularity. It is very possible that your friends, family, or professional connections already have the app loaded on their smartphones, given that it claims over 2 billion, active users. There is no longer a requirement for additional downloads or to persuade users to switch platforms.
  • WhatsApp offers free phone and video calling facilities and messaging functionalities. You may make high-quality conversations without being concerned about exorbitant international calling fees, whether speaking to loved ones or having business meetings. It is, therefore, an affordable option for both personal and business use.
  • Another feature WhatsApp offers is end-to-end encryption to keep your calls and messages private and safe. It is crucial when speaking across borders since you want to safeguard critical information and feel secure, knowing no one can listen in on your chats.
  • Additionally, WhatsApp supports group calls, making it simple to talk to several people simultaneously. You can easily have everyone on the same call, whether organizing a virtual reunion or discussing crucial issues with coworkers from various countries.

WhatsApp retains its position as the most widely used international calling app because of its broad appeal, abundance of features, and dedication to privacy. This software offers a seamless and dependable communication experience, keeping you linked for nothing, whether chatting with loved ones or conducting business across borders.

Skype: A Reliable Option for International Calls

One brand that has been a dependable choice for international calling for many years is Skype. Skype has become the preferred option for staying in touch with friends, family, and coworkers worldwide because of its simple design and rich feature set.

  • Skype's flawless platform integration sets it distinct from competing applications for making international calls. Skype is accessible on practically all devices, whether computer, tablet, or smartphone. That makes it tremendously handy for users to stay connected wherever they are.
  • Skype provides audio and video calling options, enabling you to speak face-to-face with loved ones wherever they may be. The video quality is excellent, offering a realistic experience that crosses continents.
  • Skype includes chat and file-sharing tools in addition to its telephony functionality. The app lets you exchange photographs, documents, and even films with your contacts and send them instant messages. That makes it a flexible tool for working together, exchanging crucial information with others, and making calls.
  • The affordability of Skype for international calls is one of its significant benefits. Free Skype-to-Skype calls allow you to communicate with anyone with the software installed without paying high international calling fees. However, Skype offers reasonable prices that are frequently far lower than conventional phone carriers if you need to contact landlines or mobile phones.

In conclusion, Skype is still one of the best options for making international calls. Its user-friendly layout, easy platform integration, many features, and affordability make it a dependable option for connecting individuals worldwide. Skype has you covered whether you want to reconnect with family, work with coworkers, or just meet new people.

Viber: A Feature-rich App With International Calling Capabilities

Viber's well-liked messaging software has become well-known for its feature-rich platform offering more than simply text chatting. Thanks to its international calling features, Viber has established itself as the go-to option for individuals looking for an economical and practical method to connect with loved ones across borders.

  • Viber's crystal-clear audio and video communication possibilities are one of its most notable features. You may make high-quality calls to friends, family, or coworkers without concern about exorbitant international calling fees. Viber uses VoIP technology, which enables you to place calls through an internet connection instead of conventional phone networks.
  • Viber offers free app-to-app calls and reasonable prices for internationally calling landlines and mobile phones. Because of this, it's an excellent option for personal and business use, especially for those who often speak with people abroad.
  • In addition, Viber offers several extra tools to improve your conversation experience. You may set up group conversations, send multimedia messages, and even let friends and family know where you are. The software also offers end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of your communications.
  • Additionally, Viber's simple navigation and intuitive design make it simple to use its capabilities. Thanks to its compatibility with many devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs, you can stay connected wherever you are.

In conclusion, Viber stands out among the best apps for international calling in 2024 because of its rich feature set, low call rates, and intuitive user interface. Viber is a dependable option that provides ease, cost-effectiveness, and exceptional call quality, whether trying to communicate with loved ones or conduct business across borders.

Google Voice: Making International Calls With Ease

Google Voice is a well-liked and trustworthy choice for making simple international calls. Users of this free program may communicate with friends, family, and business associates anywhere in the world without worrying about expensive phone costs or challenging dialing procedures.

  • The ability of Google Voice to give consumers a free U.S. phone number is one of its most notable features. It prevents the need for pricey international roaming fees and allows you to make and receive calls when traveling overseas using your U.S. number. The software is a complete communication tool because it also enables users to transmit and receive text messages.
  • Google Voice frequently provides affordable prices for international calls compared to conventional phone providers. Making international calls with this software is straightforward and user-friendly because of its user interface. The procedure is further streamlined by dialing numbers from the app or using the integrated contacts list.
  • Google Voice's voicemail transcription service is another noteworthy feature. This program converts long voicemails into text so you may read them whenever convenient, saving you from having to listen to them. This function benefits international calls by removing the need to navigate language hurdles or listen to voicemails in various time zones.
  • Google Voice functions well with other Google products, like Gmail and Google Calendar. This connection lets users quickly manage their calls, messages, and voicemails from their computer or mobile device.

Google Voice is a must-have tool that provides ease, cost-effectiveness, and exceptional call quality, whether you're a regular traveler, ex-pat, or simply need to make occasional international calls. With the help of this excellent international calling app, you can conveniently stay in touch with your loved ones or conduct business across borders.

FaceTime: Ideal for Apple Users

FaceTime is one of the most popular options for Apple consumers regarding international calling apps. Owners of iPhones, iPads, or Mac laptops will find this program to be beneficial because it easily interacts with iOS devices. You can make free voice and video calls with FaceTime to anyone with an Apple device and has access to the internet.

  • Making high-quality video calls with FaceTime is one of its most notable advantages. You may take advantage of crystal-clear video conversations that will make you believe you are in the same room, whether speaking with friends, family, or coworkers abroad. The app uses cutting-edge technologies to optimize video and audio transmission and provide a seamless, immersive communication experience.
  • FaceTime offers group conversations and excellent video calling features, enabling you to talk to numerous people simultaneously. It benefits family reunions, virtual meetups, and catching up with friends dispersed across international borders.
  • FaceTime's smooth integration with your current contacts and Apple ID is another perk. You don't have to make a different account or keep track of a different login and password. Simply choose the person you want to call from your contacts list, and you may connect with them right away with only a touch or click.
  • FaceTime also features end-to-end encryption, giving international calls a safe communication path. Doing this will make you confident that your discussions will be kept private and secure.

FaceTime is an excellent option for individuals in the Apple ecosystem, even if it is only available to Apple customers. It is the best choice for keeping in touch with loved ones or conducting overseas business because of its ease, dependability, and modern capabilities. FaceTime is the software for Apple users searching for a smooth and excellent international calling experience.

Line: A Popular Choice in Asia for International Calling

The Line is a well-known and respected brand regarding international calling, especially in Asia. Thanks to its user-friendly design and various features, the Line has become a popular option for people looking for a dependable and affordable method to remain in touch with their friends and family worldwide.

  • One of Line's distinguishing qualities is the capacity to make crystal-clear voice and video calls. Line guarantees crystal-clear communication, giving you the impression that you are in the same room, whether speaking with someone down the hall or on another continent. People who depend on international calls for work or to keep up long-distance relationships would particularly benefit from this.
  • In addition, Line provides several extra features that improve the overall calling experience. Users can send text messages, exchange pictures and videos, and even start group chats, making it easy to communicate with many people at once. The software is flexible for personal and business usage because it allows audio and video conferencing.
  • Line's extensive sticker collection distinguishes it from other international calling apps. Your talks will be more exciting and pleasurable when you use these cute and expressive stickers to add some individuality. You may choose the ideal sticker packs to suit your mood, style, or ethnic preferences among the numerous offered sticker packs.
  • The Line also has a social networking component that enables users to update, share photographs and videos with, and connect with, their connections. The Line becomes a multipurpose program that serves purposes other than making calls and, as a result, building a feeling of community and keeping users interested.

Due to its user-friendly layout, high-quality audio and video conversations, extra features, vast sticker collection, and social networking capabilities, Line stands out as a well-liked option in Asia for international calling. The Line offers a dependable and practical method to connect for free with friends, family, or business connections anywhere in the world.

WeChat: More Than Just a Messaging App

WeChat, a well-known messaging software in China, has developed into more than just a tool for texting and calling. With over a billion users and various services and features, it has evolved into a multipurpose program that is now an indispensable tool for maintaining connections across borders.

  • WeChat's free voice and video calling facilities are among its best qualities. WeChat offers a smooth and dependable communication experience, whether you want to chat briefly with a buddy or participate in a group video conversation with coworkers from various areas of the world.
  • WeChat, however, offers more than simply voice and video conversations. It also has many extra capabilities, making it a complete communication center. To express yourself artistically, you may send text messages, upload images and videos, start group conversations, and even utilize amusing stickers and emojis.
  • WeChat's "People Nearby" function also enables users to communicate with others in their immediate vicinity. It's a great way to network and meet new people, especially while traveling overseas, because this function employs location-based services to help you find and connect with nearby WeChat users.
  • WeChat also includes an integrated tool that provides real-time translations in various languages. Conversing with persons who speak various languages may be immensely helpful in removing language barriers and fostering natural discussions.

WeChat has evolved from an essential messaging software to a robust communication tool with various functions? To sum up? It is a top option for remaining linked across borders because of its free international calling features and extra functionality. WeChat, have you covered whether you want to chat, video call, network, or use its built-in features?

Telegram: A Secure Option for International Calls

Telegram offers a dependable and safe choice for international calls in addition to being a chat software. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, users may feel secure knowing that their communications are private and shielded from prying eyes.

  • It's crystal-clear voice and video calls distinguish Telegram's international calling feature. You may enjoy interruption- and distortion-free, crystal-clear communication with friends, family, or coworkers in other countries.
  • Telegram's user-friendly UI and easy interaction with other Telegram features set it apart from competing international calling applications. Having all your communication requirements in one spot is helpful since you can quickly switch between messaging and phoning.
  • The low cost of Telegram is another outstanding feature. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, the app lets you make free international calls. It is especially advantageous for people who wish to remain in touch with family members who live overseas without breaking the bank on high call costs.
  • Telegram's calling feature is also accessible on desktop and mobile platforms, giving users the freedom and convenience to place and receive international calls from their favorite devices.
  • Telegram has a solid infrastructure that guarantees constant and consistent call quality even at fluctuating internet speeds, making it very reliable. Because of this, it is appropriate for customers living in diverse places, especially those with erratic internet connections.

Telegram offers a safe and affordable alternative for making international calls, whether you're a regular traveler, ex-pat, or simply want to remain in touch with overseas acquaintances. It ranks highly among the top international calling applications in 2024 because of its outstanding features, reasonable price, and user-friendly layout.

Signal: Privacy-focused Communication With International Calling

When calling from overseas, security and privacy are of the utmost importance. Signal, a messaging service with a privacy-focused, excels in this situation. Signal provides a dependable and secure platform for making international calls at a time when data breaches and privacy concerns are all too frequent.

  • Signal's end-to-end encryption demonstrates its dedication to privacy, which confirms that only the intended receiver can view the communication. As a result, nobody can listen in on your calls, not even governments, hackers, or Signal itself.
  • Signal delivers high-quality international calling capabilities in addition to encrypted texting. With Signal, you can contact anybody, anywhere in the world, in crystal-clear speech without worrying about expensive international calling rates.
  • One distinguishing quality of Signal is its commitment to open-source development. It guarantees openness and accountability by making the application's source code accessible for everyone to review. Users may be confident that Signal places a high focus on protecting their privacy with this degree of inspection.
  • Signal also has an intuitive user experience that is simple to use, especially for folks who may not be tech-savvy. The software also supports group calls, making communicating with several individuals in various locations austere and a perfect choice for holding international conferences or keeping in touch with family members living overseas.

Signal is a top option whether you're a business professional who needs safe communication with foreign clients or a person who wants to keep in touch with friends and family worldwide. It's one of the finest applications for staying connected across borders because of its privacy-focused strategy and outstanding international calling features.

Facebook Messenger: International Calling Within Your Social Network

Staying in touch with friends and family across borders has never been more straightforward than in today's linked world. Facebook Messenger is one of the most well-liked and flexible methods for making international calls. Facebook Messenger has transformed how we connect with over 2.8 billion monthly active users and provides an excellent platform for making international calls.

  • Facebook Messenger stands apart due to the social network's flawless integration. If you currently use Facebook, you are already linked, so there is no need to download an additional app or establish a new account. Users may now make international calls with no added bother, which is tremendously easy.
  • You can easily find the person you want to communicate with after the Messenger app is loaded on your smartphone or access it through the Facebook website. No matter where you or the other party is situated, you may start an international call with only a few touches.
  • Facebook Messenger also provides high-quality audio and video calls to ensure your chats are uninterrupted and of the highest quality. Messenger offers a dependable and effective platform for all your communication requirements, whether you want to catch up with a loved one, cooperate with a colleague, or hold a virtual conference with clients worldwide.
  • Facebook Messenger now supports group calls, letting you speak with several people simultaneously. This function is beneficial for setting up global conference calls or family get-togethers where anyone can attend, regardless of where they are.
  • Facebook Messenger offers a broad range of tools that improve the overall communication experience and its calling capabilities. Staying in touch with your friends and family is possible with the ability to exchange text messages, share pictures and videos, and even play games.

In conclusion, Facebook Messenger has become a top option inside your social network for making international calls. It offers a practical and economical way to keep in touch with your international connections because of its user-friendly layout, easy integration, and several extra features. Facebook Messenger is an accessible and dependable platform that allows you to keep in touch with people no matter how far away they are, whether you need to interact with family, friends, or business partners abroad.

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Conclusion: The Best International Calling App for Your Needs

Staying in touch with loved ones across borders has always been more complex than in this digital era. Choosing the ideal app for your requirements might require clarification due to many international calling options. After a thorough examination, we have compiled a list of the best ten international calling apps for 2024 to assist you in making an educated choice.

It's essential to consider aspects like call quality, cost, usability, and feature availability while choosing the best international calling software. Every app on our list has a unique combination of benefits that appeal to various interests and needs.

Even while each of these applications for international calling has advantages, the one that's ideal for you ultimately relies on your requirements and tastes. To choose the application that best meets your needs, we advise comparing the features, price options, and user reviews of each.

The top 10 international calling apps in 2024 provide a range of choices to meet everyone's communication needs. There is an app on our list that will surely meet your needs, regardless of whether call quality, cost, usability, or extra features are important to you. You may keep in touch with your loved ones anywhere in the world using these cutting-edge and dependable international calling applications without exceeding your budget.

I sincerely hope that you found our post on the best ten international calling apps of 2024 helpful in keeping in touch with your loved ones worldwide. With their affordable and dependable calling alternatives, these applications have revolutionized how we interact internationally and do away with the need for pricey international calling plans. These applications will allow you to remain in touch without spending a fortune, whether you travel frequently or have friends and relatives who live overseas. Utilize these excellent applications to strengthen friendships over long periods, regardless of location, by embracing the power of technology.

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