Exploring the Security Benefits of DeGoogled CopperheadOS with Efani

Mark Kreitzman
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November 16, 2023
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November 16, 2023


In an age where smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, the issue of privacy and data security has gained unprecedented importance. While Android devices offer a plethora of features and functionalities, they also come with inherent concerns regarding data collection and privacy. This is where DeGoogled CopperheadOS, a privacy-centric operating system for Pixel phones, comes into play, offering users a secure alternative that respects their privacy.

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The DeGoogled CopperheadOS Revolution

DeGoogled CopperheadOS is an open-source, privacy-focused operating system based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It is designed to give users more control over their data, minimize data tracking, and enhance the overall security of their smartphones. The project was originally inspired by CopperheadOS, a security-focused Android distribution, and later evolved into the DeGoogled variant to address Google's extensive data collection practices.

The Pixel Connection

CopperheadOS is particularly tailored to run on Google's Pixel devices. Google's Pixel phones are renowned for their excellent build quality and the pure Android experience they offer, making them an ideal platform for a privacy-focused operating system like DeGoogled CopperheadOS.

Advatnages of Using CopperheadOS on Pixel Phones

One of the key advantages of using CopperheadOS on Pixel phones is that it allows users to harness the power of the hardware while maintaining a high level of control over their data. This combination of top-notch hardware and privacy-centric software provides a unique and secure user experience.

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Key Security Benefits of DeGoogled CopperheadOS

1. Enhanced Privacy: DeGoogled CopperheadOS is designed to minimize data collection and tracking, providing users with a higher degree of privacy. With no Google Play Services or Google apps pre-installed, the OS reduces the potential for data leakage to third parties. Users can selectively install open-source alternatives for essential services, minimizing the exposure of their personal information.

2. Regular Security Updates: Security updates are crucial for keeping your device safe from emerging threats. DeGoogled CopperheadOS offers timely security patches and updates to protect users from known vulnerabilities. The project prioritizes security, providing reassurance to users concerned about their data's integrity.

3. Verified Boot: DeGoogled CopperheadOS includes a feature called "Verified Boot," which ensures that the device only boots into an official and secure state. This mechanism checks for any unauthorized changes to the system, making it extremely challenging for attackers to install malicious software or tamper with the device's integrity.

4. App Isolation and Sandboxing: The OS enforces strong app isolation and sandboxing, making it difficult for malicious applications to access sensitive data or compromise the device. This isolation enhances the security of the system, as any rogue app is confined to its own restricted space.

5. Firewall Controls: DeGoogled CopperheadOS allows users to set up and manage firewall controls, giving them the ability to restrict data access for specific applications. This feature helps prevent unwanted data leakage and offers greater control over how and when apps can connect to the internet.

6. Secure Boot Chain: CopperheadOS employs a secure boot chain that verifies the integrity of each component during the boot process. This chain extends from the bootloader to the kernel, ensuring that each component is cryptographically signed and unmodified.

7. Hardened Kernel: The OS includes various security-hardened features within its Linux kernel. These features make it harder for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities, protecting the device from potential threats.

8. Minimal Bloatware: DeGoogled CopperheadOS comes with minimal bloatware and extraneous applications, reducing the attack surface and potential security risks on the device.

The Challenges of DeGoogled CopperheadOS

While DeGoogled CopperheadOS offers substantial security benefits, it's essential to acknowledge the challenges and trade-offs:

1. App Compatibility: DeGoogled CopperheadOS does not include Google Play Services, which many Android apps rely on. Users may need to explore alternative app stores or side-loading apps, which can be more cumbersome.

2. Learning Curve: The OS can be less user-friendly for individuals who are accustomed to the convenience of Google services. It may require some technical expertise to fully utilize its potential.

3. Device Limitation: As of my latest knowledge, DeGoogled CopperheadOS primarily supports Pixel devices. Users of other Android smartphones may not be able to enjoy its benefits.

4. Ongoing Development: Every Degoogled phone project's future depends on ongoing development and support.  Anyone interested in using a Degoogled phone should monitor the status of the provider to ensure they receive updates and security patches.  I connect with the CEO of CopperheadOS on a regular basis so there is clear ownership and passion about their project which is key when recommending any solution.

5. Physical SIM only: Degoogled phone are limited to using a physical SIM since the Google System App used to manage the eSIM is disabled by the custom OS.   This is standard as of now with all Degoogled phones and not limited to CopperheadOS.   The main limitation of having the eSIM disabled is that you cannot take advantage of the international travel benefits eSIMs have to offer roaming individuals. 

Complete Your Mobile Security & Privacy Solution by Using Efani Secure Mobile Service

You can have the most secure phone, operating system, apps, VPN, anti-virus, and follow the most stringent security setup and use of your phone, but as soon as you put a mobile carrier's SIM card in your phone you're open to risk.   Even if you placed the most secure mobile device in a faraday bag, put that bag in a water proof safe, and dropped it in the ocean, there are a few risks you should consider.

1. SIM swap hackers do not care what kind of phone you use, what investment you made in hardware or software, or where your phone is located, they don’t even care how complex your passwords are.  A SIM swap is done from the network and simply points your mobile account service to the SIM/eSIM in the hacker's hands and your secure device is now out of the equation.  

2. Mobile operators are also big data collectors so while your new secure device prevents data collection, your mobile operator still has total access to your mobile communications and it will not take long before they connect you with your new device.  Carriers sell usage information, albeit they claim in an anonymous way, to marketing and affiliate partners so having your personal information reside in a carrier account is a privacy issue for prying eyes from hackers who can gain access to your online mobile account, store employees, 3rd party store employees, and call center personnel.

Efani is a secure mobile service provider that focuses on preventing SIM swaps with privacy benefits and backs it up with 5M of insurance against SIM swap losses.   You get your choice of two top mobile carriers in the US (excludes T-Mobile), your personal info is private from the carrier, and only Efani can access your account to keep you private from prying eyes. 

Check out this link to learn more about using CopperheadOS with Efani secure mobile service.


DeGoogled CopperheadOS on Pixel phones is a privacy-centric solution that empowers users to regain control over their data and enhance the security of their smartphones. By minimizing data tracking, offering regular security updates, and implementing various security measures, it provides a secure environment for those concerned about their privacy.

However, it's important to remember that using DeGoogled CopperheadOS may not be suitable for everyone, as it requires a willingness to adapt to a different ecosystem, and it may entail some trade-offs in terms of app compatibility. Users should carefully assess their needs and preferences before making the transition. Ultimately, DeGoogled CopperheadOS stands as a testament to the ongoing efforts to create privacy-respecting alternatives in the world of mobile technology, allowing users to embrace a more secure and private mobile experience.

Mark Kreitzman
General Manager, Efani Secure Mobile

I am General Manager at Efani Secure Mobile. I have over 20 years of experience in enterprise cybersecurity, including 8 years focused on mobile security. I have a high level of achievements and expertise in the Service Provider Alliance/Partner space. I am positioned at senior levels with SPs/Resellers such as AT&T, Verizon, Cisco Systems, and many others. I have deep experience in SaaS, cybersecurity, telecom, mobile & blockchain.

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