Best 5G Plans in the US

Haseeb Awan
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July 18, 2022
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April 13, 2023

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April 13, 2023

T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T now include 5G in their plans to expand their coverage. The main factor is cost, even if you find quick coverage anywhere.

The top 5G plans from each leading US carrier are shown below. Here is a list of all the cities with 5G service to see if your city lies within the 5G range. In this article, we've mainly concentrated on unlimited data plans. Several more cost-effective solutions are available, even if these are often more expensive with the larger carriers. And let's admit it, you will not like your plan's 3GB cap if you consider updating to 5G, which can achieve download rates of over 1Gbps.

The Best 5G Plans in the US

Let's go through the best 5G plans in the US offered by each carrier.


With better signals reaching vast distances instead of just city blocks, T-Mobile promises to have greater 5G service than AT&T, Verizon, and all other carriers. There are numerous optimistic statistics on the site about how much more robust and faster the connectivity will become in the upcoming years, which only serves to drive its expansion following the latest merger with Sprint.

If T-Mobile was not already the most incredible option for a 5G plan, it gets even better because 5G connectivity is free with every T-Mobile plan. Learn more about the T-Mobile plans here, which are all 5G ready. Let's discuss both prepaid and postpaid plans now.

T-Mobile Prepaid Plan

T-Mobile offers a few prepaid plans, such as the Connect plan, which costs as little as $15 monthly. Although it will be challenging to find an inexpensive plan with 5G support, the 2GB of data will be soon consumed. Therefore let's concentrate on unlimited plans. One prepaid plan costs $50 monthly and provides unlimited data, excluding fees and taxes. You will get a 5G unlimited plan that may only slow down after using 50GB of data each monthly payment. As far as unlimited data plans go, it is very basic—3G WiFi is a perfect example.

T-Mobile Postpaid Plan

Based on your demands, you have various postpaid plans with unlimited data. The featured packages are the Magenta ($120 including tax fee), Magenta Max ($140 including tax fee), and Essentials ($90 excluding tax fee) 5G plans. All three postpaid plans come with unlimited calling, texting, and data. The difference in price covers the extra services you'd anticipate. For instance, the Magenta Plan includes 100GB of premium data, SD video streaming and 5GB of high-speed mobile hotspot before switching to 3G. Whereas Magenta Max Plan contains 40GB of hotspot data, unlimited premium data, 4K streaming, and 5G connectivity.


Three unlimited options are available to new AT&T customers:

  1. Unlimited Starter Plan
  2.  Unlimited Extra Plan
  3. Unlimited Premium Plan

All of the plans now include 5G service. All three 5G plans have unlimited data, call, and text in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Alongside free texting to more than 120 countries, you also get notifications for suspected fraud and spam. AT&T has developed a few new fee structures for its 5G plans. Even though they are intended to combat inflation, it would be unexpected to see the fees disappear after the economy has steadied.

The Unlimited Starter plan from AT&T charges $65 a month for a line, but with 4 connections, the price only reduces to $35 a line. These costs, of course, also include concessions for paperless billing and AutoPay. You will not receive any premium data, and AT&T reserves the right to sluggish data speeds in congested areas. The Unlimited Starter package only allows for SD streaming and does not include mobile hotspot data. The good news is that all AT&T packages now include a free 6-month subscription to Stadia Pro. 

The monthly cost of the Unlimited Extra plan is $75 for a line or $160 for four lines. If you perform AutoPay or paperless billing, these charges include a $10 reduction. After 50GB of data consumption, AT&T may limit your services at any moment if the carrier is experiencing excessive traffic. This is because 50GB of mobile data is classified as premium data.

This package offers 15GB of mobile hotspot data at a very high speed each month in addition to SD streaming media.

The Unlimited Premium plan is by far the most expensive one. One line costs $85 per month, while four lines cost $200. In addition to unlimited premium internet, the Elite tier monthly offers 40GB of free high-speed mobile hotspot access. HD video streaming has exploded. The Elite plan also gives clients with access to HBO Max. Here are further specifics regarding AT&T's 5G plans.


Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband mobile phone service provides many of the fastest services, which the company says is 10x quicker than others. Yet, if you are not in a major city, you will likely use the 5G Nationwide service all the time. Verizon has regrettably increased administration costs for all customers by a few dollars due to growing inflation, much like AT&T. There will be an increase of about $2 per line, which is something to think about.

Verizon Postpaid Plan:

Verizon has 4 unlimited 5G plans, and the top 3 have mmWave 5G service.

Check out the details here. You can still use the Nationwide 5G pool if you have the 5G Start subscription, but mmWave will charge you $10/month.

You can get the 5G Play More and Do More unlimited plans for $80 a month per line. 

They offer unlimited texts, calls, and data. They also offer a hotspot of up to 15GB of 4G LTE. They also have Disney Plus, Apple Music, and Discovery Plus subscriptions. The recently released Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass privileges, free for around a year, will be appreciated by gamers.

Both offer 25GB of hotspot data and 50GB of premium internet connectivity. With this plan, you can save up to 50% on a smartwatch or tablet plan, which is where the advantages lie. It provides one TravelPass day and 600GB of cloud storage each month. With 50GB of a high-speed hotspot, unlimited premium data, HD streaming, and all the features, the 5G Get More package is the top tier. At $90 monthly, it costs $10 extra.

Verizon Prepaid Plan:

Verizon also offers many additional options, some prepaid and beginning at $40 for one line for 5GB or $50 for 15GB of data. If you include the additional $10 for a 5G connection, a 15GB plan with 5G costs $60/month. It is good if you only sometimes plan to use lightning-fast internet.

We will continually update the pricing and offering of all these best 5G plans in the US.

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