“I want my personal information to be sold to criminals across the world”

– Said nobody ever

A story from our Founder:

I am a victim of cellphone number theft multiple times. Those were tough & dark times where I was financially and mentally damaged. I’ve had a relatively very successful life, but honestly, they got me this time. I did everything to protect myself, but here I sat paralyzed, and my ability to function was shattered.

Luckily, I’m a fighter with a Telecom Engineering degree, so I studied the weaknesses in the current mobile operator services. During this process, I discovered a way to design a very secure and private mobile connection and ended up building the solution for my use. Frankly, I built the solution for myself, but as I shared it with friends, I started to get requests to switch them from their operator to my solution.

I began to sleep better, knowing my cell phone service was protected, and my confidence in the solution grew as more friends and connections began to switch over. As friends began to share with other friends, a movement started to form, which resulted in the birth of efani, the most secure & private mobile operator in the world.

Since efani was started, I’ve received calls at 11 pm on Friday, or 3 am on Tuesday where strangers have shared their horror stories. I could feel their pain as I was a victim multiple times myself and this added adrenaline to my mission to protect individuals, families and businesses from having to endure this experience.

Information is being shared and exposed to criminals across the globe who indiscriminately look to hack and destroy you financially, emotionally as well as your reputation. While saving people amid a cell phone attack is a great feeling, my goal became to protect people from ever getting attacked in the first place.

Every second 3 Americans
become victim of cyber criminals
from across the world

95% of the cases get unreported due to the complicated & expensive justice system, and there is little you can do since the criminals are outside American soil

How does efani work?

We transfer your existing number to efani & separate your personal information from your telephone number. Then we apply our proprietary technology to enforce 11-layers of military-grade client-side integrity, privacy & authentication protection.

I created efani with the following values;

  • Security & privacy is a fundamental right & these are the only 2 reasons we exist
  • Your information has a sacred value & you’re the owner
  • We sell to you; we don’t sell you out
  • You are not a product but a consumer. No one has the right to use it except you
  • We only make revenue from the subscriptions that you pay with your consent
  • We require the minimal information to serve you and delete the items which are no longer required for your security.

“My mobile phone is my personal space & I don’t want it to be violated by criminals across the world. I claimed my basic right back!”

Frankly, we are not for everyone. We’re not the cheapest one & don’t have the perks that your current carrier has such as a flashy phone, family plans or other hookups, but that’s okay with us. We’re happy to be a boutique solution for the top tier who understand the value of privacy & security. Freedom has a cost.

I take responsibility that you’ll love our secure & private cell phone carrier – efani. If for ANY reason you decide it’s not for you, we’ll refund you 100% of your money within 60 days for a risk-free trial.

We would love to have you as a member of the efani community.

Haseeb Awan