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Devastating to hear this. I switched to @efani secure phone service a few weeks back. You'll never have to worry about sim swap again. Highly recommend.


I'd recommend @efani if you're looking for an alternative. I switched over last year after I became similarly terrified at the lack of security provided by all major carriers.

Jimmy Z

Stay vigilant out there as more & more phishing scams & sim swaps will happen as more #crypto adoption happens I want to plug my friend @haseeb as his company @efani will prevent Sim Swaps. #HODL #UnbankYourself

Jimmy Z

DO NOT GET SCAMMED Scammers r sending fake links to #Celsians. This is what happens when a #community grows exponentially fast like @CelsiusNetwork Many will target Celsius to see if they can get you to click on fake links Protect yourself - @efani (Prevents Sim Swaps)

Jimmy Z

Sim Swapping will continue as #crypto rises. @efani is a company that prevents Sim Swaps Very well respected founder @haseeb started this to prevent these Sim Swaps check out video @blockchainherd did with Haseeb to learn more https://youtu.be/89douuqwrNk #HODL @CelsiusNetwork

Olga Serhiyevich

Personal phone number is one of the most valuable cyber economy/ identity assets today. Point much under appreciated and dangerous to personal cyber risk. First product in identify protection for consumers that makes me feel safer. Excited to become a customer @efani @haseeb


I used @efani , they do accept Bitcoin for payment; but I do not know what the lowest amount of identification you can provide. Their service better protects your information and definitely hardens against SIM swap. Have a conversation about privacy with them.

Olga Serhiyevich

Telecoms found themselves in the cyber security business with the rise of 2FA. @efani is a cyber security company in the telecom business. Love being an early adopter of a cool product that understand security in the “Wild West” of data privacy world

The Wolf Of All Streets

Mind you, I have been through every level of @TMobile security, have switched my phone off of their service to @efani (you should switch), and have already had the FBI in touch with T-Mobile during the hack. 6 MONTHS LATER they are "informing" me.

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