Policy # CT1320420
Insured: DontPort LLC.

2 Street, Embarcadero
San Francisco CA 94111

Insurer: Syndicates 2987/2988 atLloyd’s

Coverage: Technology, Security & Privacy Liability Insurance

Forms and Special Conditions:
The coverage is subject to all terms and conditions set forth in the Policy which included but is not limited to – allforms and Endorsements (hereinafter “Endorsements” identified on the Schedule of Forms and Endorsements listedbelow.

Territory: Worldwide
Choice of Law: New York
Service of Suit: CSC-Lawyers Incorporating Service . 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 150N, Sacramento,
CA 95833-3505

Currency Clause:
All premiums, limits, deductibles, and other amounts under this Policy are expressed by the dollar symbol ($) and payable in United States Dollars (USD).
Broker: RT Specialty, LLC

Limits and Sublimits of Liability for individual coverages being offered are shown below. A Limit or Sublimit of “NIL” or “N/A” indicates that the particular coverage has not been included in the quotation. The retentions and waiting period listed below apply to each claim, security breach, PCI DSS Assessment or covered cause of loss.

$5,000,000 Annual Policy Aggregate

A. Technology and Professional Liability $5,000,000
B. Security and Privacy Liability (Including
Employee Privacy)

$5,000,000 Each Claim

C. Security Breach Response Coverage $5,000,000

Each Security Breach

D. Privacy Regulatory Claims Coverage $5,000,000

Each Regulatory Claim

E. PCI-DSS Fines and Assessments Liability $5,000,000

Each Claim
F. Cyber Extortion $5,000,000 Each Claim
G. Cyber Business Income and Reputational Harm $5,000,000 Each Covered Cause of Loss
H. Digital Asset Restoration Costs $5,000,000 Each Covered Cause of Loss
I. Multimedia Liability $5,000,000 Each Claim
J. Cyber Crime $250,000 Each Claim
Extortion Retention(s): $1,000 Each Security Breach
Breach Response Retention(s): $1,000 Each Extortion Attempt
All Other Retention(s): $10,000 Each Claim
Waiting Period
(Business Income Coverage) 8 hours

Retroactive Date: Full Prior Acts

Professional Services: Professional services performed for others by or on behalf of You for a fee or other

remuneration, but does not include Multimedia Wrongful Acts or any work or activities performed by or on behalf
of You or for You as an accountant, architect, lawyer, real estate or insurance intermediary, civil or structural
engineer or any medical professional services.

The following Forms and Endorsements form part of the terms and conditions of the Policy:
Endorsement / Title:
BRT10151218 Lloyd’s SecuritySchedule
• Syndicate 2987 -90.0000%
• Syndicate 2988 – 10.0000%
LMA 3100 Sanction Limitation and Exclusion
CT50011018 Aggregate Retention Endorsement

• 2x each claim

CT50021018 Amend Covered Cause of Loss Endorsement

• 1⁄2 Aggregate Limit
CT50031018 Amend Cyber Crime Coverage
CT50091218 Amend Other Insurance Breach Response as Primary
CT50061118 Court Attendance Costs Coverage

• $2,500 / day
• $100,000 aggregate
CT50071118 Criminal Reward Payments Coverage

• $50,000

CT50101118 Amend Privacy Regulations (GDPR) Endorsement
CT50160119 Mutual Choice of Defense Counsel Endorsement
CT50210119 Amend Definition of Business Income and ReputationalHarm Loss
CT50500319 Amend Blanket Additional Insured with Insured versus Insured Carveback
CT50520319 Amend Definition of Multimedia Wrongful Act
CT50830519 Amend Insuring Agreements A & C Endorsement
CT50111218 Invoice Manipulation Coverage – $250k
CT50950619 Corrupted Computer Hardware Endorsement
CT51290819 System Hijacking Coverage – $250k
CT50000617 Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement
The following requirements must be satisfied prior to binding:
1) Brit New Business Warranty Letter
2) Completion of Surplus Lines form
3) Provide individual contact and contact information (first and last name, email, phone, etc.) for the assured
for the Brit Data Safe benefits. Please reference attached brochure.


Brit Global Specialty USA

Brit Global Specialty USA
161 North Clark Street, Suite 3200
Chicago, IL 60601

Broker Name: Dylan Hodgson
Broker Company: RT Specialty, LLC
Broker Address: 101 California Street, Suite 900 San Francisco CA 94111
Policy No.: CT1320420