Top 10 Best Cheapest Phones in 2024 in the US

Haseeb Awan
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June 22, 2024


Prices can soar in the dazzling world of smartphones, with features like lightning-fast processors, incredible cameras, and gorgeous screens! But fear not, budget-minded tech lovers! Look no further—this article will show you how to find the ideal smartphone in the US for under $500. Yes, this includes affordable flagship models. Whether you're a young teen, a wise senior, or someone who wants a reliable phone without all the bells and whistles, we've got you covered.

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Finding Your Perfect Budget Phone: Think Before You Buy

Before diving into our top picks, let's chat about what to consider when choosing your budget-friendly phone:

  • What are Your Needs? Do you need a phone for basic tasks like calling, texting, and browsing the web? Or are you looking for something with a better camera for capturing memories or a powerful processor for gaming?
  • Features Matter, But Not All Are Equal: Consider battery life, storage space, screen quality, and camera capabilities. Do you need a super-sharp camera? Or is a decent one good enough? Some must have A long-lasting battery, while others might value a bright, clear screen for watching videos.
  • Brand Reputation: Sticking with well-known brands like Samsung, Google, or Motorola can ensure better quality, potentially more extended software support, and easier access to customer service.
  • Budget, Budget, Budget: Set a realistic budget and stick to it! Refrain from getting tempted by features you might not even use if it means going over budget.

Top 10 Best Cheapest Phones in the US (2024): Let's Get Shopping!

Now, let's get down to business! Here are our top picks for the best cheap phones in the US, categorized based on what you might prioritize:

Best Phone Under $200

1. Moto G Play (2024): This phone is perfect for primary users who need a reliable call, text, and light browsing device. Think of it as your everyday communicator, minus the fancy extras.some text

  • Key Features: Large 6.5-inch screen for easy viewing, long-lasting battery for worry-free use, simple and user-friendly interface that's easy to navigate.
  • Why it's Great: It's super affordable, and its excellent battery life means less time to charge and more time to use, perfect for calls, texts, and web browsing.
  • Things to Consider: The camera quality is okay, and limited storage space might not be ideal for downloading many games or apps.

2. Nokia G21: This phone is a good choice for those who want a clean and simple phone with a decent camera, all for under $200!some text

  • Key Features: The triple-lens camera system captures everyday moments, runs on Android 12 software with potential upgrade options, and has a fingerprint sensor for added security.
  • Why it's Great: It offers a clean software experience without a lot of bloatware (extra apps you might not need), a decent camera for the price, and fingerprint security that adds a layer of protection.
  • Things to Consider: For heavy users, average battery life might last a partial day, and a lower processor might be better for demanding games.

Moving Up a Bit: Best Phones Under $300

1. OnePlus Nord N30: This phone is an ideal option for many customers because it provides a decent mix between price and features.some text

  • Key Features: Speedy processor for smooth performance, large 6.7-inch display for watching videos and playing games, triple-lens camera system for capturing photos and videos.
  • Why it's Great: Its fast performance for the price allows you to multitask and run apps smoothly. The big, vibrant screen is perfect for entertainment, and the decent camera captures everyday moments.
  • Things to Consider: Battery life could be better for heavy users constantly on their phones. However, the design might feel a bit generic compared to other options.

2. Samsung Galaxy A15 (5G): This phone is perfect for those looking for a future-proof phone with 5G connectivity at an affordable price. 5G is the next generation of super-fast internet for your phone!some text

  • Key Features: 5G connectivity allows super-fast downloads and uploads (think lightning-speed!), expandable storage for adding more space if needed, and a 6.5-inch display for watching videos.
  • Why it's Great: With 5G for blazing-fast internet connection, expandable storage to hold more pictures, movies, and apps, and a large screen for web surfing and video streaming, it's future-proof.
  • Things to Consider: The average camera quality might not be the best for low-light photos, and the design might feel a bit cheap compared to other options.

Sweet Spot: Best Phones Under $400

1. Google Pixel 6a: The Google Pixel 6a is a superb option for those looking for an affordable phone with an excellent camera.some text

  • Key Features: Amazing Google Pixel camera technology known for capturing clear and vibrant photos, clean and user-friendly Android software with guaranteed updates for years, and sleek design that looks more expensive than it is.
  • Why it's Great: The fantastic camera takes stunning photos and videos, clean software makes the phone easy to use, and the sleek design makes it look like a high-end phone.
  • Things to Consider: Battery life could be better for heavy users on their phones all day; no expandable storage means you'll need to be mindful of how many photos and apps you download.

2. Samsung Galaxy A54 5G: Calling all social media enthusiasts! This phone is perfect for those who want a long-lasting battery and a good camera for capturing those perfect posts.some text

  • Key Features: A large 5,000mAh battery allows for all-day use without worrying about running out of power, a quad-lens camera system allows for amazing photos and videos, and expandable storage allows for keeping all your memories.
  • Why it's Great: A long-lasting battery means you can stay connected all day, a great camera system captures stunning photos and videos for social media, and expandable storage lets you keep all your photos and videos without worrying about space.
  • Things to Consider: Although the design is a bit pricier than some options under $400, it might only be for some (it's all about personal preference!).

For the Gamers: Best Phone Under $500

1. OnePlus 12R: Gamers, rejoice! This phone boasts a powerful processor that can handle even the most demanding games.some text

  • Key Features: The speedy Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor provides smooth gameplay without lag, fast charging technology lets you get back in the game quickly, and a smooth 120Hz display provides a fantastic viewing experience, especially during fast-paced games.
  • Why it's Great: The powerful processor lets you play games without stuttering or slowdowns, fast charging quickly gets you back in action, and a smooth display makes games look amazing.
  • Things to Consider: Battery life might not be the best for heavy gamers who play for hours on end, and the design might be a bit bulky compared to other options.

2. Nothing Phone 2a: This is a head-turner for trendsetters who want a phone with a unique design and good performance.some text

  • Key Features: Transparent back design with LED lighting effects that personalize your phone, a decent dual-lens camera system for capturing everyday moments, a mid-range processor for handling everyday tasks and some light gaming.
  • Why it's Great: Unique and eye-catching design makes your phone stand out from the crowd; decent camera for the price captures good photos and videos, has good performance for everyday use and some light gaming.
  • Things to Consider: Battery life could be better for some users who are constantly on their phones. However, a limited brand presence compared to more prominent names might mean slightly less customer service support.

Bonus Picks: Great Choices for Seniors

Are you looking for a phone that's easy to use and has features that cater to seniors? Here are two bonus picks:

1. Jitterbug Smart2: This phone is perfect for seniors who want a simple phone with large buttons and emergency features for peace of mind. some text

  • Key Features: Large buttons for easy dialling and texting, a built-in Urgent Response button for emergencies that can connect you to help, and an easy-to-read display with large text and icons.
  • Why it's Great: It's super user-friendly for seniors who might need to be tech-savvy. Built-in safety features provide peace of mind, and the audio is clear and loud for calls.
  • Things to Consider: Its limited features compared to smartphones (no fancy games or apps) might not suit tech-savvy seniors who want more advanced features.

2. Easyfone Prime: This phone is a good choice for seniors who want an essential phone with a large screen and a long-lasting battery.some text

  • Key Features: Large 6-inch display for easy reading and navigation, hearing aid compatibility for clear phone calls, and long-lasting battery life for worry-free use.
  • Why it's Great: The large screen makes everything easy to see, hearing aid compatibility ensures clear calls, and long battery life means less charging and more time using the phone.
  • Things to Consider: It has limited features compared to smartphones (no fancy games or apps) and might not be suitable for tech-savvy seniors who want more advanced features.

Remember, There's No "One-Size-Fits-All" Phone!

The "best" phone is the one that perfectly fits your needs and budget. This list provides a starting point for your research, but feel free to explore other options and read reviews before making your final decision. Here are some additional tips:

  • Read Reviews: User evaluations found online can provide important information about how well a phone performs.
  • Compare Specs: Compare the phone's specifications (like processor, battery life, and camera quality) to see which offers the best value for your needs.
  • Check Carrier Compatibility: Verify that the phone you select is compatible with the network of your mobile phone provider (e.g., Verizon, AT&T, etc.).
  • Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help: If you're feeling overwhelmed, ask a friend, family member, or salesperson for help choosing the right phone.

With some research and these tips, you can find the perfect budget-friendly phone to meet your needs and keep you connected in 2024! Happy phone hunting!

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