How to Manually Do Mobile Testing

Haseeb Awan
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June 3, 2024
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June 7, 2024


Imagine you're a superhero with a magnifying glass on a mission to make your favourite phone apps even better! That's what manual mobile testing is all about. It's like playing detective, using your phone to find any bugs, glitches, or confusing features that might make using the app frustrating. Here's how YOU can become a mobile app-testing hero:

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Understanding Why We Test Mobile Apps

Mobile Testing Overview:

Like a new bike needs a test ride before you take it on an adventure, mobile apps need testing before they're released to the world. This testing helps ensure the app works smoothly, does what it's supposed to, and is enjoyable for everyone.

Why Manual Testing Matters:

While computers can help test apps, too, there's no replacement for a natural person like you! Manual testing lets you use the app like a regular user, uncovering issues that might slip past automated tests. It's like having a built-in bug detector in your brain!

Different Ways to Test Mobile Apps

Types of Mobile Testing:

There are two main ways to test mobile apps:

  • Manual Testing: This is where YOU come in! You can explore the app's features and look for problems.
  • Automated Testing: Computers run special programs that automatically test the app, following pre-written instructions.

Benefits of Manual Testing:

Even though computers can be fast, manual testing offers some unique advantages:

  • Real-World Experience: You test the app like a real user, uncovering issues that automated tests might miss.
  • Uncovering the Unexpected: Your creativity can help you discover bugs or confusing features that computers wouldn't find.
  • Testing User Experience: You can judge how easy and enjoyable the app is to use, something computers can't always do.

Getting Ready to Be a Testing Detective

Setting Up Your Testing Environment:

Before you start testing, you'll need a few things:

  • Your Phone: This is your testing tool! Make sure it's fully charged and ready to go.
  • The App: Download the app you want to test, whether a new game, a shopping app, or something else.
  • Maybe a Partner (Optional): Testing with a friend can be more fun and help you discover different things.

Creating a Test Plan (Like a Detective's Checklist):

  • Understand the App: Learn its purpose and what it should do. It helps you focus your testing.
  • Write Down Test Cases: These are like mini-missions for your detective work. Think of different ways you might use the app and write down steps to test each scenario.

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Putting Your Detective Skills to the Test!

Testing on Different Devices and Platforms:

Test the app on smartphones and tablets to see if it works well on all devices. Imagine the app needs to be user-friendly no matter what phone you have.

Exploring Different Scenarios:

Go through the app's main features as a regular user would. But also try some unexpected things! Can you still use the app if you tap the wrong button? What happens if you have a weak internet connection? The more scenarios you test, the better.

Recording Your Findings:

Like a detective keeps notes on a case, you should document any bugs, crashes, or confusing features you encounter. Take screenshots if possible! The more details you have, the easier it will be to explain the problems to the app developers.

Analyzing Your Detective Work:

Identifying the Culprits (Bugs and Issues):

Review your notes and screenshots. Can you group the problems you found into categories? Are there some features that could be clearer or more manageable?

Prioritizing Issues:

Not all bugs are created equal. Some might be minor annoyances, while others prevent you from using the app. Rank the issues you found based on their severity.

Reporting Your Findings to the App Developer:

Now that you have a clear picture of the problems you found, it's time to share your detective work with the app developers! Be clear, concise, and polite in your report. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for them to fix the bugs.

Iterative Testing and Improvement: The Never-Ending Quest for a Flawless App

Re-Testing After Bug Fixes:

Once the app developers fix your reported bugs, it's time to wear your detective hat again! Test the app once more to see if the fixes worked and if any new issues arose. This back-and-forth testing, reporting, and fixing process help create a polished and bug-free app.

Continuous Improvement of Your Testing Skills:

Like any detective, the more cases you crack (apps you test), the better you'll become. Here are some tips for continuous improvement:

  • Learn from Others: Read about mobile testing online or watch tutorials. There's always something new to discover!
  • Practice Makes Perfect: The more apps you test, the more comfortable you'll become at identifying potential problems.
  • Share Your Findings: Talk to other app testers or developers. Sharing knowledge helps everyone create better apps.

Incorporating User Feedback into Testing:

Great detectives work with others. Listen to what other users are saying about the app! Are there common complaints that align with the issues you found? Incorporating user feedback into your testing can help ensure the app meets everyone's needs.

Conclusion: Your Contribution to the Mobile App Universe

Why Your Contribution Matters:

The apps you use daily result from countless hours of testing and development. Becoming a manual mobile tester is vital in improving the mobile app world! Millions of people will use the apps you help improve, and that's something to be proud of.

Future Trends in Mobile Testing:

While manual testing will always be necessary, the future holds exciting advancements:

  • Machine Learning: Imagine AI assistants helping you test apps by automating repetitive tasks and identifying patterns in user behaviour.
  • Cloud-Based Testing: Testing apps on various devices in the cloud can ensure a smooth experience across different platforms.
  • Focus on User Experience (UX): Testing will go beyond functionality to ensure apps are easy to use, visually appealing, and engaging.

Haseeb Awan
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