How to Set Up Authy for Two-Factor Authorization (2FA)?

Haseeb Awan
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April 5, 2023

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Do strong passwords suffice? Think twice about it, as strong passwords don’t exist anymore – using 2FA is recommended (as observed in series 1 and 2). In simplest terms, it means to use an authenticating codes generator, wherein series 2 recommends Authy. It is convenient, powerful, and compatible with all devices.

We have also discussed with the SMS-based 2FA. Authy is a more civilized application that provides you with a better-encrypted password option linking to your cloud, with an option to restore the backup to your new phone. Authy is compatible with Google Authenticator, where you can scan the same code to Authy. Interestingly, some sites offer Authy-specific integrations as well. 

Is Authy handy?

Authy is simple and easy to use. You can download it from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Once installed, you need to fill the gaps with your phone number and email address. Afterwards, you will receive a PIN on your number for confirmation. Congrats, Authy has been enabled on your device!

Simply visit the 2FA setup page on the account service of choice, and the QR code will be pulled up. Just click the add button (on the bottom of the Authy screen) and scan the QR code. The account will be needed to Authy. Open the Authy app and tap on the account you need a code for.

There’s a copy-paste option for your code on your device rather than typing. You can add a protection pin (or Touch ID for iOS) to prevent individuals from accessing your phone, especially when you have signed in. You can go to settings and then to my account to protect PIN from enabling it.

How to Back Up and Sync the Codes from Authy?

Authy can create automatic encrypted backups of your data and store it on the servers – FYI, data is encrypted with the provided password. There is an option to skip this feature if you want to. However, if your phone is lost, you won’t be able to recover your codes using Google Authenticator app. This is why Authy works wonders.

Open Authy – then go to Settings and Accounts – ensure Authenticator Backups on the top screen and enable it. You will need a password link for backup decryption, and you can access these codes while signing into your Authy account. Authy can sync codes on different devices while offering code access on the Chrome app on any computer.

An announcement will be made for a macOS beta and Windows apps. This information can be obtained on the download page of Authy. Syncing up your code between a phone and a tablet is your choice. If you want to add devices to your accounts, go to settings and then devices in the authy option, where you can toggle on the multi-device switch.

Pro-tip: You can also create an encrypted backup password in the cloud to access them in the future. The 2FA scheme for Authy is different and is only available for you to sign up. You can also make changes to your codes (for instance, removing or adding accounts) that will be synced. The list of devices can be seen by tapping on settings > devices screen in Authy > remove/add devices.

Once you add the device, you can head back to disable the multi-device option in devices in authy in the settings section. Just to inform you, the multi-feature sync feature will routinely function, but the option to add more devices will be disabled. This actually combats the risks of adding devices via SMS. But if you add a new device, you can toggle on this option and disable it afterwards.

Please also note that if you have disabled this option, you will need to sign in on your new device, as you won’t be able to continue with Authy if your phone was stolen, lost or damaged. You will need to re-enable the disabled multi-device feature. If you have Authy on a single device, you won’t be able to access codes and have an account recovery option. It may take 12 to 24 hours to get a response.

This is a start-over option. This step will be reverted if you have your data backed up. You will get your codes afterwards. It is recommended by the Authy officials that you add more devices to your Authy account while disabling the feature once the controlled devices are added to the Authy account. No one will gain access unless multi-device have been re-enabled.

This is beneficial because if you lose one of your added devices, you can remove it and add a new one instead. However, if you have a single device, you will still want to keep code backups if you lose your primary device.


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Haseeb Awan
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