Everything You Need to Know About Vanity Numbers

Haseeb Awan
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April 5, 2023

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It is not all about "vanity" only. Instead, a practical approach to advertizing your business. The most memorized and popular number, 1-800-FLOWERS, stick to customers' memory with little to no effort. This attracts people around the globe.

Vanity numbers are best for your business branding and easy to remember for prospective clients. We will be looking for a brief understanding of vanity numbers in this article and their usefulness for a business. The factors or considerations determine if the selected vanity number is appropriate for a business.

So without further ado, let's get started.

What is a vanity number?

Since many businesses still consider telephonic channels to reach their potential clients, the mnemonic vanity numbers play well with the customer's psychological behaviors. Regardless of your customer base substantially being internet users, an impressive vanity number will attract them – no matter what.

In many cases, businesses won't have an option to pick their own vanity number from scratch, whereas few independent business entities are given a choice to choose their toll-free number and vanity numbers themselves. The options also include transferring self-made vanity numbers to carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T, if they like.

Numbers with the numeric pattern – a 10 random digit number is quick to remember. It could either follow the sequence of double digits such as 6677 or sequential like 2345, repeated 4444, even/odd sequence like 2468 – all are fruitful and imprint on users' memory. You can also choose from years/dates (unique to you) since people are wise enough to remember special characters than numbers.

Numbers with spellings of your brand – when you pick a number, pay attention to unique spells on that number on the phone keypad. A number spelling out a brand (or a word/phrase) is worth millions for a business. If you pay attention, Facebook's Indian number is 92FACEBOOK, which means it is 92-3223-2665 on the dialer keypad of a phone. Popular numbers like 1-800-LAWYERS are mostly taken, be creative with your choice.

A toll-free number is a free number that can be called from any area code. The charges are levied on the business and not the caller. These toll-free numbers work in specific areas or from a number dialed from anywhere.

The 800 series – the toll-free prefix ranges from 800; 888; 877; 866; 855; 844; and 833. Local vanity numbers would be demanded by some businesses rather than toll-free because of coverage and cost issues.

Why do you need a vanity phone number?

Branding is the most critical aspect of business, and these easy-to-recognize numbers displayed on billboards, radio ads and other similar programs play a significant role. These are not easy to remember, but their sequencing and catchphrase pique your customers.

Customers pay attention to branding consistency across all communicated mediums, generating more leads.

The best mediums to communicate to the users regarding vanity numbers (like mentioned before) include billboards, trucks, TV ads, podcasts, and internet advertisements on different websites. This means consumers will see numbers passing by or hearing on a podcast and will remember eventually. Random sequential numbers are quick to adopt, and many people quickly write them down as well. The medium of advertisement would vary per business goal, and emotional contact remains the same.

Everyone wants to go beyond numbersPeople try to add meanings to the phone number, the classic instance would be Beechwood 4-5789, and Adams & Swett Rug Cleaning Company get recognition through this question:

How many cookies did Andrew eat?

Focus, Andrew ATE (8) – 8,000, means the number would be Andrew 8-8000, although the companies have vanished since the posts jingled. Do you see marketing still working even after 50 years?

It's no more than the 1960s. We are in the modern world with so many digital options. Customers can reach you via text or social media platforms, email you, and visit your website when memorized. Irrespective of these mediums, vanity numbers still remain relevant.

It is sure people remember vanity numbers but most importantly YOU. Modern people have to remember a lot. Pins, passwords, and vanity numbers in place make things easier. The most notable example is 1-800-GoFedEx for package delivery.

Vanity numbers reinforce your brand and lend credibility to your business. For instance, 1-866-QUIT-4-LIFE is a symbol for life, where smoking needs to be quit. Vanity numbers are your brand reflection. Customers not only show interest but do word-of-mouth marketing on your behalf. Vanity numbers show your business ideology in one fell swoop and can be your competitive edge.


Although modern businesses have virtual phone numbers or VoIP, vanity numbers still play an essential and irreplaceable role. The only investment is a lovely track with a vanity number on display, so the value proposition is delivered with a concise message.

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