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Privacy & Security of Telephone #s for Health Care Professionals During COVID 19
In-depth session to cover everything related to mitigating risk of being attacked through your cellphone
privacy secure phone


Your current carrier is inadequate in protecting your privacy & security. Criminals can exploit the loopholes for surveillance & attacking their favorite target – Health care professionals due to the following 4 reasons

  • Busy Routine
  • Less Technical Savvy
  • Higher than average net worth
  • The highest price in the illegal dark web market for with each record being sold for up to $2000

Criminals are able to purchase your personal information as well as take over your telephone number which makes you more vulnerable than your SSN.

A SIM swap scam (also known as a port-out scam, SIM splitting, and simjacking, SIM swapping) is a type of account takeover fraud that generally targets a weakness in two-factor authentication and two-step verification in which the second factor or step is a text message (SMS) or call placed to a mobile telephone.

While these cases do come in News, the majority of us procrastinate because it looks too complicated or we assume our risk profile is low. Cybercriminals take advantage of this negligence & every year tens of thousands of Americans end up losing their entire life savings, reputation & careers as a victim of this unique attack.

We’re bringing a 30-min session followed by a 20 min Q & A on this topic where we’ll cover we’ll cover

  • Risks around your current cell phone number
  • Basics of SIM Swap Attacks & how it’s performed
  • Common practices to mitigate it
  • What to do after being a victim

  • Michael Varon, MD - Family Practice 
           Victim of Identity Theft & OpSec Advocate 

Michael is a Medical Doctor with deep expertise in Info Security. He will lead the webinar and share the best practises that he is following post Identity Theft.


  • Haseeb Awan,  CyberSecurity & Privacy Professional
    Victim of SIM Swap & CEO - EFANI 

Haseeb is a Telecommunication Engineer as well as Cyber Security Expert. He deals with dozens of victims every week and has first hand information on mitigating these attacks as well.

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