If you’re switching carrier or your voicemail inbox being filled, you need a solution to save important messages for future use. Gone are the days of preserving valuable voicemails on a cassette tape. Since digital space occupied all medieval modes, securing voice mails is simply too precious – or perhaps, too important to delete. 

The preservation of voicemail could be emotionally important for you or scholastic value to it. Beware, hackers could disrupt it with one SIM swap. In this quick guide, we will teach you on securing your important voicemails on any device, either Android or iPhone. 

Saving voicemails on iPhone


Let’s start with iPhones which has made it super simple to save these messages

 #1 – Go to the phone app, and then Voicemail that is available on the far right bottom of your screen

#2 – Tap on the voicemail you wish to save, after that click the share button (share button resembles an arrow that is pointing out of the box)

#3 – The sharing option gives you an option to share your Voicemail via Voice Memo, Messages, Mail, AirDrop.


Saving on Phone

Click on the Notes or Voice Memo, in order to save your voicemail. You have the option to access saved voicemails again in other apps and play it whenever you want to hear it. The apps will automatically backup, only if you have enabled iCloud backup.

Saving on Computer

In order to save the voicemail to your computer, you need to select AirDrop and then tap on your computer’s name, please note that the devices should be connected to the same network. After accepting AirDrop on your computer, you can proceed with saving your voicemail wherever you want.

Forwarding to some one else

If you want to send the voicemail to another individual, you can select the contact and send via Messages or Mail or AirDrop.

The procedure is different when it comes to visual voicemail. You have the option to save it from the Files app.

Open the file you want to store and tap select, file name and subsequently organize

Under “On My [name of device],” choose folder or you can tap o the folder icon with a “+” sign to create a new one.

Tap Copy

Saving voicemails on Android

There are numerous manufacturers who manufacture android phones, so saving voicemail would vary slightly. Here are the general guidelines:

Open voicemail app, tap and hold the voicemail you want to save;

You can see save, export, archive option that appears in the menu;

Tap “OK” or “save” to save the voicemail in the selected storage location.

Apps to Save VoiceMails

You can also use VoicemailSaver that costs $3.99 only, but it saves your voicemails even if your phone is stolen or broken. InstaVoice or HulloMail both are great free options.

Retrieve voicemails from an older phone 

If you have your voicemails saved in a non-smart device, it is best to save them on your desktop device or your smartphone devices. You need to have a 3.5mm audio cable that connects the device to your computer.

Download Audacity (audio recording program) to your PC, you can use something similar as well, Garageband is applicable if you use MAC. 

Find out the headphone and microphone port on your old device.

Jack in your 3.5mm cable in your old device and the other corner into your computer jack.

Open your phone’s voicemail that you want to save, click record on your audio recording program and play message, stop the recording when the message is done.

Save your computer file to preserve it.


NOTE: the audio quality won’t be perfect, but the message will be saved forever. 


Bottom line

Whatever you save on your device needs to be private unless someone has permission to go through your device, images, apps, and files. Unfortunately, the embedded settings structure isn’t secure or password-protected. Check out our FREE guide to protecting your device