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Just switched to @efani secure cell phone service. Don't take the risk of getting Sim swapped. Protect yourself now!


Initial Security Round 1: 1. Guaranteed Protection Against SIM Hacking with @efani 2. Get secure and private access to the internet with @NordVPN 3. Get 2-factor authentication with Google Authenticator 4. Use a trusted email service with @ProtonMail


My phone recently got compromised and the perpetrator ported my phone number out. I reached out to NebreskaGooner and TheWolfAllStreets, who than put me in contact with Haseeb Awan, who helped me get my number and life back. Thank you Haseeb Awan - CEO of @efani ! You saved my A$$

From the Diary M Nauman

If you win the customer's heart they will keep your company on exponential growth. @haseeb is one of few security authority and CEO who is not behind the curtains. Loyal customers are the most weighted asset in my perspective. Best of luck to @efani

Bitty Bird

Good work @lorenzofb! Right pointing backhand index “All of the major carriers made a significant change to how SMS messages are routed to prevent hackers being able to easily reroute a target's texts” @VICE(However, hackers can still SIM Swap mobile phones & carriers need to step up security) @haseeb


There's this company, @efani , run by a great guy ( @haseeb ) that specializes in protecting against porting. I made the switch off T-Mobile to @efani a couple months ago and sleep much better. Phone numbers are critical to keep secure, not a vector I want unprotected by my carrier.


After the BlockFi breach, I had a near miss SIM swap. Efani had me covered in less than 24hrs - on a Saturday no less. Military grade protection. Phone carriers cannot protect against employees bending the rules for insistent “customers” (scammers).

Cantering Clark

Times like this I am grateful that I take security seriously. All of you should too. Pay the extra money for it. I use @haseeb and @efani for starters, multisig in multiple locations, and most importantly perimeter sentries with 30mm ammunition. $BTC

Bitty Bird

Haseeb talked me down off a ledge during an attempted mobile & financial accounts hack over Christmas. @efani & @haseeb were there for me during most stressful time of my life and I’m eternally grateful. Folded hands Sleep soundly now. Great customer service, can’t recommend enough!

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