America's Most Secure & Private Cellphone Service
Criminals can find sensitive information through your cellphone number & take over your account to drain you financially, emotionally and reputationally
EFANI encrypts your personal information, guarantee protection against SIM hacking & back it with a $5 Million Insurance Policy



Guaranteed Protection Against SIM hacking through proprietary 11-layer of client-side integrity, privacy & authentication protection


We don't Sell or Track your Data. All of your Personal Information is Encrypted & Classified Even Within the Company.


$5 Million Insurance Protection Backed by Llyods of London to Reimburse any financial loss and provide additional coverage for any expert fees.


We reduce automated robo-spam calls by 91% within 60-days using spoof call detection & data scrubbing techniques


If you care about yourself & your family safety, you should switch to EFANI as me & my family did. It’s equivalent to having a personal body guard or a bullet proof house/car but for cellphone service. Seriously, I evangelize for the service because they have helped me so much. Switch now, you’ll sleep better at night.

Scott Melker

Trader, Advisor, DJ, Producer, Performer