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Now, You Can Block All Sim Swaps By Default

There has never been a time where cybercrime is easier than now. Unfortunately, the justice system isn’t offering much help – it is still complicated and expensive. "So, 95% of cybercrime cases in the United States go unreported".
Worse, 3 Americans become victims every second.
If you have ever been a victim of cellphone number theft, then you know the feeling. The financial and mental damage is daunting. We started EFANI in response to this rapidly growing issue.

Started as a group of individuals who have been through the emotional and financial pain of sim swapping, but EFANI has grown into a community.
The EFANI community was created to protect all individuals from these attacks and say to those thieves, "enough is enough."
Despite the advancement in technology and security, today, 8 in 10 mobile attacks are still successful. Our goal is to eliminate these attacks completely. We are the world’s most secure mobile service provider, and we aim to protect everyone from ever getting attacked in the first place.

Our Story

Efani started in 2019 after a series of personal mobile cyberattacks that threatened the financial security of our families. For others, the costs have been greater. 

While most larger mobile service companies offer an array of mobile devices and service plans for customers to serve their digital mobile needs, we are 100% focused on privacy and security.

Today, we offer our clients maximum protection against sim swaps. EFANI replaces your existing monthly plan focusing on security.

We understand that your security and privacy are fundamental rights, so we treat your information as a sacred value, and never share nor sell your information.

Our security protocol is an 11-layer proprietary client authentication process, and no client of Efani has been sim swapped on our secure plan. We keep this 100% success rate through various security measures.

With Efani, you can expect;

  • 11-layer proprietary military-grade client layer authentication.
  • Multiple staff members approve any major change and run through a laborious manual process
  • E2E encrypted data with zero-level authentication
  • Private VPN with enhanced cryptography
  • Data access is limited to a single IP that can only be accessed within the US.
  • Insurance coverage worth $5 million in the event of successful SIM hacking

Protect your number against sim swapping with Efani secure plan.

100% money-back guarantee for 60 days.

$5 million insurance coverage. Only $99/ month.

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values


To lead a safer world where everyone has complete control over their mobile service.


To provide the most secure mobile service in the world.

Core Values

Purposeful Innovation:
We push innovation in technology, processes, and capabilities to solve the problem that matter to our community.

Bold Community:

We serve a co-created community in boldly moving towards uncharted territory to discover and make our world a safer place.


We believe in equality regardless of race, location, and orientation.

Humble Growth-Minded
As students of life, we support each other through personal and professional growth.

Meet Our CEO

Haseeb Awan

Haseeb Awan is a Pakistani-born Canadian living in the United States who loves to play cricket. He is a serial entrepreneur and successful businessman and has been named among the top 100 influential people in FinTech globally. He has a master’s degree in engineering management from the University of Ottawa. He has also studied Financial Markets at Yale University and holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation.

Before Efani, Haseeb co-founded Bitaccess, a company that first distributed bitcoin ATMs across over 50 major cities in 15 countries years ago. Like every great success story, however, there are always challenges.
For Haseeb, it wasn’t long before cyberthieves came around. For more than three times, he suffered financial and emotional damage from sim swap attacks. He studied the business of traditional mobile service companies and learnt that the majority of individuals were well-served from a security perspective.
However, for those highly targeted like Haseeb, more needed to be done. So, Haseeb leveraged his experience and network and designed a secure mobile service. As he shared the solution with friends, family and colleagues, the EFANI community organically grew larger and stronger.
So, while Efani started as Haseeb’s personal project, it has quickly turned into a solution of the future – helping individuals and organizations keep their data safe from intruders.

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Our Team

Haseeb Awan


Mark Kreitzman

VP of Sales and Business Development

Tuan Nguyen

VP of Marketing

Andrew Lochart 

PR Analyst

Sanket Pingle

Wireless Architect Lead

Bruce Dinger

VP of Strategic Alliances

James Steinberg