100% Guaranteed
Against SIM Swap Attacks

Protect Your Phone,
Protect Your Crypto

Protecting your phone is easy:
your carrier.
Choose the number of
phone lines you need.
Protect Your Phone Now

Harden Against SIM
Swaps & Secure
Your Phone

If you’re trading crypto, having a secure phone is as important as a hardware wallet.
How It Works

You keep your phone and your phone number, and we provide you with an encrypted SIM card and a secure mobile service plan. We leverage the top two mobile networks, and provide extra security their customers don’t need.

Enjoy 5G ultra wideband performance with Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity. You get unlimited minutes, text and data in the US, Canada and Mexico, with international data roaming if your phone is eSIM compatible.

  • $99 per phone line, all taxes included.
  • Encrypted SIM cards included.
  • No contracts.

$5 Million in Insurance Coverage

If anything ever happens, we’ve got your back. You’re protected for up to $5 million in financial losses resulting from a SIM swap.

11-layer Proprietary Verification

An 11-step integrity and authentication check prevents SIM swapping. No hacking attempt has ever made it past the third step. There is an automatic 14-day cooling off period before a new SIM card is issued.


Personal information is de-linked from your phone and your data is encrypted.

24/7/365 Support

Fanatical, around-the-clock, US-based support.

From Client to Believer

My cell phone has been ported twice and I no longer use sms for any 2 factor. I partnered with http://efani.com to create the most secure global network. Never be hacked, stay on any USA network, $99 a month unlimited.

Charlie Shreml

I am happy to be able to put my cell number back on my business card. Security & Privacy is what made me switch to Efani. Peace of mind is priceless.

Marshal Long
Owner – Bitcoin Mining OC