Secure & Private Cellphone Service

Your Cellphone # is more vulnerable than your SSN. Criminals use it to track & trade your personal information. They can take over your financial & personal accounts using it. Efani is a premium cellphone service that guarantees protection from these criminals & backs it up with a $5M Insurance Policy.

Winner - Most Secure Telecommunication Service
3 Reasons to Switch
Military Grade Protection

11-Layer of client-side integrity & authentication protection


Information related to who you spoke to or where you live is classified & encrypted

$5M Insurance Coverage

Only company that backs it’s claims by a $5M Insurance coverage

Simple Process To Secure You

Receive Efani Secured SIM Card within 72 hours 


Transfer your current unsecured number to EFANI secured service within few minutes


That's all - We take care of your privacy & security


Criminals can take  over your telephone # whenever they want.

  • We deploy our proprietary 11-layer of client-side integrity, privacy & authentication protection to protect you against kind of SIM Hacks
  • We disconnect your Telephone # from your name or any other personal information

Currently, Criminals are trading your very personal information such as 

  • Home Address
  • Family Information
  • Call/SMS Log
  • Live Location


With Efani, all of this information is classified & restricted for everyone

Trusted By

I am happy to be able to put my cell number back on my business card. Security & Privacy is what made me switch to Efani. Peace of mind is priceless

Peace of mind is priceless

Marshal Long
Owner - Bitcoin Mining OG , eSport Company

I was previously with ATT and supposedly had all of the PINs and other security settings on my account in order to protect it from theft. Even after enabling those settings my phone number was stolen twice via SIM swaps. After hearing about Efani SIM swap protections, I decided to switch. Since moving over, my experience has been great. I am getting a more robust set of services than I got from ATT and when I did need some support during account setup that support was always available, helpful and able to solve my issues.

Robust Set of Services

Justin Newton
CEO - Netki

"Efani's customer support is world-class and tremendously helpful. This is a must-have in any personal security toolkit along with password managers and 2FA apps."

Must-have for Personal Security

Matthew Nguyen
Co-Founder, Telefuel

$5 Million Insurance Coverage

We stand-by our words through most comprehensive insurance
  • Personal Expense

    We cover 100% of what you do

  • Business Interruption

    If you lose a single dime, it's on us

  • Lawyers & Experts

    We've top lawyers & experts to help you with any type of unfortunate event

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