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Introducing the ghost phone

We sell to you, we don’t sell YOU.
The most affordable, private and secure smart phone available
Loaded with useful open source applications to get you off the ground ASAP
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Ghost Phone

Why Ghost Phone?

The most affordable smart phone running the most secure and private mobile operating system available on the market.

It is time to stop giving Big Tech all of your data. The Big Tech Oligarchy is set on capturing every detail of your life and selling your soul to the highest bidder. YOU, in fact, are really their intended product.

Because the best offense is a good defense, the Ghost Phone is designed to reclaim your data and your privacy. In fact, it can remove you from their spyware ecosystem completely. Use the Ghost Phone with the Efani mobile service for the most private and secure combination.

Details of ghost phone

Efani SAFE plan

Efani replaces your current phone plan with coverage from one of America’s two top mobile networks. We’ll send you an encrypted SIM card to put into your existing phone. You can keep using your existing phone number, or we can give you a new one if needed.

The whole porting process is hassle-free and takes 10 minutes maximum.

$99 per phone line, all taxes included.
60-day 100% money back guarantee.
Encrypted SIM cards included.
No Contracts!
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Unlimited call, text, and data

in the USA, Canada and Mexico
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International data roaming

(*eSIM compatible).
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5G network speed

availability, and ultra-low Latency
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customer service

24/7/365 customer support

24/7/365 Support

Call us any time, day or night. We really mean it. We are obsessed with great customer service. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond immediately, no matter when you call.

Insurance Coverage

Efani has a 100% success rate to date: not a single Efani client has been SIM-swapped on our secure cell phone plan. We intend to keep it that way. No security system is complete without a failsafe, however. In the unlikely event of a hacker taking over your phone while on our plan, we provide cybersecurity insurance worth $5 million through Lloyd’s of London. This means you’re covered if money is stolen from your online accounts as a result of a SIM swap attack.

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