I am a victim of cellphone number theft multiple times. Those were tough & dark times where I was financially and mentally damaged. I’ve had a relatively very successful life, but honestly, they got me this time. I did everything to protect myself, but here I sat paralyzed, and my ability to function was shattered.

Luckily, I’m a fighter with a Telecom Engineering degree, so I studied the weaknesses in the current mobile operator services. During this process, I discovered a way to design a very secure and private mobile connection and ended up building the solution for my use. Frankly, I built the solution for myself, but as I shared it with friends, I started to get requests to switch them from their operator to my solution. 

I began to sleep better, knowing my cell phone service was protected, and my confidence in the solution grew as more friends and connections began to switch over. As friends began to share with other friends, a movement started to form, which resulted in the birth of EFANI, the most secure & private mobile operator in the world.

We transfer your existing number to EFANI & separate your personal information from your telephone number. Then we apply our proprietary technology to enforce 11-layers of military-grade client-side integrity, privacy & authentication protection.

I created EFANI with the following values; 

  • Security & privacy is a fundamental right & these are the only 2 reasons we exist
  • Your information has a sacred value & you’re the owner
  • We sell to you; we don’t sell you out
  • You are not a product but a consumer. No one has the right to use it except you
  • We only make revenue from the subscriptions that you pay with your consent
  • We require the minimal information to serve you and delete the items which are no longer required for your security.

There’s a reason behind the name Efani – evokes discipline, fascination and dedication.


 E’s are versatile beings who use their creativity and imagination in various ways to pursue their extraordinary dreams.


 ‘F’ is about friendliness and tiny fixations that make one as attractive as they are.


 This ‘A’ denotes that one takes planning for the future very seriously and tends to give more significance to rational thoughts than to feelings.


 The letter N resonates with the number 5, which represents imagination, creativity and testimony of someone original and joyful.


 In the case of the ‘I’, there is a wish to perfect the craft and be passionate about something. This is regarded as a life principle to guide by.