Secure & Private Cellphone Service


11-Layers of Client-Side Integrity & authentication protection to guarantee any unauthorized access into your account


Your Telephone # isn't attached to your personal information. Everything is Encrypted & Classified.

$5M Insurance Coverage

You're Personally Protected with $5M Insurance

24/7 Concierge Support

American Based Support Around The Clock

Serving you Around The Clock

Based In US

We Were Victims & Experienced The Emotional & Financial Pain Which Is Why We Build The Most Secure & PrivateĀ 

CellPhone Service To Protect You . We’reĀ  Available 24/7 To Protect You, Your Business and Your Loved Ones From Criminals.


We’ll replace your current unsecured cellphone Plan. 

 Transparent Price Without Any Hidden Charges

Safe Plan

$ 99 Month
  • Unlimited infinity Unlimited Across North America
  • Call
  • Texting
  • 4G Data
  • Wi-Fi Calling

International Roaming

$ 25 Month
  • Use Your SAFE Plan in 210 Countries Globally
  • Only Pay When You Roam
  • Available on eSIM Compatible Cellphones Only

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