Getting Your Stolen Crypto Back Just Got Easier

Every year, victims lose millions of dollars worth of crypto via hacks and scams. While Efani offers 100% protection against SIM Swap attacks, there is no shortage of ways a bad actor can find a way into your crypto wallet. That's why we've partnered with CoinStructive, Inc., a leading edge cryptocurrency investigations firm.

What they offer:

Free 15 minute consultation to help you understand your options
Dedicated case manager and a forensic analysis of your transactions
Contacts with local & federal law enforcement ensuring your case is seen
Bitcoin Dissolving

Why CoinStructive, Inc.?

Not all jurisdictions have the tools or expertise to track stolen crypto. Law enforcement's knowledge and experiential gap can often lead to stalled or slowed investigations. CoinStructive bridges the gap by tracking where your stolen crypto went and preparing documentation to prove it. CoinStructive's Forensic Reports can be used as evidence by law enforcement to solve a case faster, or by tax professionals to prove your loss.

Additionally, the crypto space is flush with scam asset recovery/investigation companies who  falsely promise victims recovery, only to take their money a second time. It can be difficult to differentiate legitimate firms from the scammers, which is why Efani builds and fosters strong relationships with reputable and proven companies like CoinStructive, Inc.

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How does it work?

If you've been a victim of any of these common scams, or suspect you might be, CoinStructive, Inc. might be your best chance for a resolution.

SIM Swaps
Pig Butchering
Romance Scams
Forex/Trading Scams
Mining Scams
Exchange Hacks
Ponzi Schemes
Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
Defi Exploits
Money Mule
Email Compromise


Investigation Process

Step 1 - Intake

After opening a case from their website, you will be able to book a free consultation to discuss the details of your loss and your options with a Case Manager.

Step 2 - Initial Analysis

After agreeing to their services, their investigations team will analyze, track, trace, and document where your crypto went. Their initial analysis is a diagnostic that will determine if your assets are potentially recoverable. Their findings will be made available to you and they will recommend whether or not a Forensic Report should be pursued.

Step 3 - Forensic Report

With a Forensic Report in hand, you have everything you need to bring to law enforcement. A Forensic Report is a thorough and detailed account of where your crypto went, who received it, and where its last known location was. The Forensic Report is the evidence needed so entities can be subpoenaed and assets seized.

Step 4 - Law Enforcement

Whether you choose CoinStructive to liaise with Law Enforcement or move forward yourself, their Forensic Report includes information about the applicable agencies and their corresponding contact information, so you can start the recovery process.

Additionally, CoinStructive offers a white-glove Post Investigation Service, where they act on your behalf to report your case to all applicable agencies, speak to and assist law enforcement, and follow up to make sure you get justice.

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