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What’s a SIM Port Hack?

sim port hack

Cellphones are now part of our lives and is part of our identity. Majority of the websites have implemented the forgot password feature tied to your mobile number. So if you want to recover your password, they’ll send a code to your cellphone which’ll help you reset your password.
  Now imagine it for a moment, some one got hold of your cellphone, went online and did a password reset. Now he has access to your email and he can run a cron job to figure out all the logins. SIM Port hackers use the same technique to take over your digital identity & causing you irreparable reputational & financial loss within hours. Now the easiest way to ignore this threat is by saying that you’ve a password on your phone and you’ll block your sim if your phone has been stolen. But here’s where things get interesting. Hackers can get access to your sim card without even touching your cellphone through porting out your number to a SIM that they control without your permission. Once they’ve your number, any incoming text or call will be directed to them & before you turn on your computer, they’ll have swept everything that you’ve through a series of automated actions.