What EFANI can do that my current carrier can't (2021)?​ | EFANI What EFANI can do that my current carrier can't (2021)?​ | EFANI

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What EFANI can do that my current carrier can’t (2021)?​


Carriers are built on a scalable model to serve as much customers as possible. They’re like Walmart who compete for best value. Their value proposition is to provide you with best price for a service that you like. While they’re competing to get you the best deal, security is something that costs a lot to them so apart from the standard procedure that they’re bound to by FCC, there are no additional steps taken. One should realize that they’re dealing with 10s of 1000s of port-out requests per day so they want to make it as smooth as possible. They’ve 10s of 1000s of locations/dealers who need to have access to their system to make changes for their existing customers and it’s not possible to restrict it. It’s like making every one go through secondary screening for a domestic flight. Not that it’ll choke their system, it’ll also make it too inconvenient for their majority of the customer base who doesn’t hesitate to switch if they get a $5 off from a different carrier. We operate differently. While we’re competitively priced, we definitely are not the cheapest. Actually we’re the most expensive plan & it may exceed your requirements of minutes/call/data but similarly we’ll exceed your requirements of securing you against any kind of vulnerability. Our pricing allows us to serve the customers who’re willing to pay a premium to secure themselves. In an ideal world everyone should be protected however the level of work that we do on the backend forbids us to serve every one. Big carriers also have the same issues since they’re operating on a scale while we focus on a niche market.