eSIM: the Dark Secrets of Virtual SIM

Haseeb Awan
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March 30, 2022
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April 5, 2023

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Modified On
April 5, 2023

Is your eSIM your security risk?

eSIM is not easy to hack, yet do you still think hackers will let you live in peace? Unfortunately, no. However, if you have already secured yourself, let's gear your security level further if you have an eSim.

How can eSIM be hacked?

Hint - If anyone wants to alter the user profile, embedded SIMs can be configured to request verification from an operator. This application could only come from the user, but a hacker with a lost phone could be able to modify the profile successfully. 

So, a lost phone could lead to an easy switch? This is arguable, as some individuals would consider that eSIM cannot be cropped out, so inserting a new sim is impossible. Thus hackers cannot obtain the operator's verification for new profile requests.

The argument is legit, and it is deemed that eSIM offers higher security when compared to a physical sim card solution. Every hack offers a supporting actor that perpetuates the wrongdoing conducted by the wrongdoer or lousy actor.

Artsy hackers will continue to transfer the numbers to new devices by giving IMEI, yet, convincing lazy or unmotivated representatives to follow the dictated rules. These reps are looking for customer satisfaction, but due to little to no probing or qualification, they end up pleasing criminals.

Physical SIM cards, or embedded, are only one route for criminals to access mobile phones. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' phone was reportedly hacked by a video sent to him through WhatsApp, making him one of the most high-profile victims of data theft. According to UN investigators, the video contained malware that infiltrated Bezos' iPhone.

Bonus - Connecting Cellular Data on your Windows through eSIM

A computer with Windows 10, 1703 version or later installed.

  • Select the Start button, then Settings > System > About, to see which version of Windows 10 your computer is running.
  • A computer with a built-in eSIM. Here's how to see if your computer has an embedded SIM:
  • After pressing the Start button, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Cellular.
  • Look for a connection near the bottom of the Cellular screen that says or asks for eSIM profiles management. If there is a link, this means your PC has an embedded SIM.

Once you've worked on your eSIM profile, you'll need to:

  • Click on the Settings > Network & Internet > Cellular > Manage eSIM profiles from the Start menu.
  • Select the desired eSIM profile under eSIM profiles and afterwards select Use.
  • Select 'Yes' for the option that asks to continue the function. This will use your data plan's cellular data and may result in charges.
  • You'll be good to go after connecting to a cellular data network.
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Haseeb Awan
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