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Secure iPhone: How to Set Up a SIM Card Lock? [2021]

sim card lock on iphone

SIM Card Lock is really important than you think. SIM cards are a popular way to classify phone users all over the world. They’re tiny plastic objects with embedded chips that inform mobile operators who you are and what you’re paying for. An eSim is a revamped and advanced version of sim that requires a QR code to enable.

The one and only security feature of a SIM card that we can monitor, despite the fact that it is important to many of us, is its PIN code. It is an integral feature and could mitigate the risk of potential cybersecurity to an acceptable level. However, it can be backed with cell phone security measures.  

Efani walks you through setting up a SIM Card Lock PIN to help avoid unauthorized access to your account details or use of your data plan.

How can I add an extra security layer on my iPhone?

A pre-emptive step would be to secure your SIM card with a lock. Sounds fancy, but this lesser-known feature goes long especially when the cyber threats landscape has grown. 

For instance, if a bad actor “tries” to break into your phone (which is impossible with Efani, btw) this feature can save you from the hassle. 


They cannot utilize your sim to call, text, or access your data plan. After you implement this feature (the steps will be shared in the next section), your phone will request a SIM PIN each time. A SIM card lock will not keep a criminal from trading out your old card for another one yet that is alright, in any event you realize they cannot use your phone or your valuable information. Privacy matters and it should be prioritized. 

How to Set a Sim Card Lock on an iPhone?

It is common among iPhone users that they don’t know how to lock their iPhone’s SIM Card. Don’t worry. We got you covered. 

Follow these steps and you will be successful in locking your SIM Card.

Step 1: So, in order to put a SIM Card lock, open Settings and tap “Phone”.

iphone settings

Step 2: From there, tap on “SIM PIN” to get access to this feature.

sim pin

Step 3: Tap on “SIM PIN” again to enable it.

Step 4: SIM comes with a default PIN code directly from your mobile carrier. These codes vary company by company but for Sprint and T-Mobile, it is 1234, and for AT&T and Verizon, you can try 1111. Don’t worry if these codes don’t work. You can either Google about these codes or call your carrier support and ask the codes. Please never keep trying wrong PINS, it could be problematic. If your attempts fail thrice, your SIM Card will be disabled.

Step 5: After you are successful with the default PIN, the security SIM Card Lock will be active. All you need is to change the default PIN to your preferred PIN because default is easiest to guess! Tap “Change PIN” to change.

Step 6: Now enter the default PIN in order to access the security and now you can enter your preferred New PIN, and confirm.

Step 7: Restart the phone. You will get a pop up here that your SIM Card is locked. If you tap “OK”, you SIM will be temporarily unavailable until you unlock it again with the pop up message. You will get it again once you try calling or messaging someone.

sim card lock prompt


Settings> Phone> SIM PIN (refer to step 4)> Enter Default PIN> Change PIN> Restart Device


Remember this very clearly that if you entered the SIM PIN incorrectly for three times, your SIM will be deactivated and you will need to contact your carrier for a new SIM card. Set a PIN that is easier for you to remember to avoid this inconvenience, yet not too easy to be guessed by a criminal. Be artistic but in a unique way.

Take Home Message

Privacy and cybersecurity goes hand-in-hand. You’re always responsible for your freedom from such culprits and you’ve to fight these bad actors by recognizing your role in the game of cyberwars! Apart from the screen lock, you can set this lock as an extra layer for the phone. This will be a peace of mind for you and especially the whistleblowers.

Also, we value our clients privacy and you can always rely on Efani for protection against these threats. 

Cheers and stay safe.