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Series 03 eSIM: How to install it?

Readers, how are you? Have you been enjoying the previous two eSim related series?

The enchanted additional word “e” caused many confusion and most of the individuals considered it as “electronic”. No, for the VSOP soldered smaller chip to the board, it is contextualized as embedded. Enough with this catchphrase, let’s set up the device for an eSim.


If it’s a yes then let’s move forward on installation of eSim. This blog will look into:

  1. Installation process in iOS
  2. Installation process in Android
  3. Connect Windows 10 PC with your eSim, to get cellular data [SPOILER FOR BONUS ON FRIDAY!!!]


There are some prerequisites (irrespective you install eSim on iOS or Android), so the necessary notes entails:

  1. For smooth eSim installation, make sure you have an unlocked compatible device.
  2. You need a stable internet connection for successful eSim connection.
  3. The use and validity of your data will not be compromised by installing your eSIM before you fly (see list at the end). When you arrive at your destination, your eSIM will only be enabled and validity starts once you are linked to the local operator. (Activating eSIMs at installation time: Asia, Africa, Vietnam, Japan, China, Caribbean Islands, Hong Kong, Macau, Maldives, Republic of the Republic of China, Republic of the Congo, Thailand, Ukraine).

1. How to install eSim on iOs?

  • Go to Settings 
  • Tap Mobile Data > Add Data Plan
  • Now you can install eSim via manual installation or QR Code 
  • Simply go to eSim details on your > My eSims > Select eSim > Choose the method of installation 
  • Label your eSIM
  • Set a Primary Line or Default Lime for calling purposes 
  • You have to select a primary plan when adding eSim to iMessage, Apple ID and FaceTime. Click Continue afterwards.
  • Set eSim data plan as default. NOTE: Please Turn off Allow Data Switching to avoid high roaming bills on default data plan.
  • Edit your eSim’s APN settings (in order to access data). Go for (you carrier).com > my eSims > choose eSim that’s been installed. 

  • Update APN settings, if required by going to settings > Mobile Data > choose eSim plan > Mobile Data Network

[Fast-Forward] How to turn on eSim and enable data roaming upon arrival

  • Turn your eSim on by tapping on settings > mobile data > followed by eSim > and turning the eSim on
  • Please use your eSim as primary line when travelling, click on settings > mobile data > primary > Choose active eSIM

Quick Question: How to check if you’ve an active eSim?

  1. Just like traditional sim, the signal bar strength at the top of the screen will show if the eSim is active
  2. You can go to settings > mobile data > data plans > on/off to check the status of your dual sims.

2. How to install eSim on Android?

For Android, there are two ways to add an eSim. However, the steps may vary per device.

Way 1 – Scan the QR Code for eSim

  • Go to eSims to find your QR Code 
  • Tap settings > Network & Internet > tap the icon parallel to Mobile Networks
  • Click next when it says “Don’t have a sim card?” > scan QR Code. NOTE: Go to Network & Internet and tap on mobile network to set right network preferences listed on additional information, if needed. 

  • Under the Mobile Network you can see eSim which you have to turn on and enable the data plan. 
  • Enable Data Roaming while turning off primary line data to avoid roaming charges

Way 2 – Installing eSim manually

  • Tap My eSims to find manual installation details via the website or app
  • Tap Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network (icon parallel to it). 
  • Tap when they ask “Don’t have a SIM Card”. 
  • You’ll be asked to enter the code manually: SM-DP+Address. Once done, activate code and confirm. Turn on your eSim under Mobile Network > enable Mobile Data > Data Roaming

Though most of us considered it to be the final part, and it is the finale, we’ve a bonus for “people who are working on their online privacy”. Sorry for sharing the spoiler above but are you interested?