Everything About Sim Swap Attack

Everything about SIM swap - The Cybersecurity Bible!

Efani explains the process of sim swap – You are going to enjoy the “extremely dense” SIM-jacking process in a manner that even your grandpa will understand….

One Plan Safe Plan

safe plan sim security

Though we’ve the ability to offer customised plan, we don’t. Reason is to focus on 1-point agenda to build the most secure system against…..

How does Efani works?


Efani works like any other carrier. We provide you with a SIM Card that you can put in your phone. We’ll replace your existing monthly plan with ours on America’s #1 Carrier that covers 99% of Americans on the fastest 4G Network…..

Sim Security – How secure is EFANI?

sim security

Our claim is that we’ve the best level of sim security to protect our customer data as well as any sim port-out hack attempt. Our entire company is built around this promise. But hey all’s well till it’s not. While technically it’s impossible to build a system that’s un-hackable, but we’ve built a standard operating process to make it practically unhackable. …

How’s the coverage & connectivity?

sim security coverage

We don’t operate our own towers but utilize infrastructure of the #1 Carrier in USA. Here are all the Awards won by the carriers we operate on. There is absolutely no difference in quality of service….

Removing SMS as 2-Factor

removing sms

Most common way to protect yourself from an unfortunate event is to have a separate phone for 2-factor where even if your number has been compromised the loss is minimal. It’s true but it only mitigates it to a level. ….

Why can’t I get carrier protection from my current one?

carrier protection

Technically they can, practically they can’t. Your number is your property and you’re allowed to switch between carriers as per your desire as often as you like. No carrier can force you to stay with them regardless of whatever the situation is….

What’s a SIM Port Hack?

sim port hack

Cellphones are now part of our lives and is part of our identity. Majority of the websites have implemented the forgot password feature tied to your mobile number. So if you want to recover your password, they’ll send a code to your cellphone which’ll help you reset your password…..