How does it protect me?

The Above Phone protects you from multiple threats. The operating system is free of centralized big tech services that continuously track you. All of the apps permissions can be disabled, including app's access to internet. The phone features free & open-source apps that do not contain any hidden code.

We also provide Above Suite, a suite of software services that protect your internet traffic and communications. Combined with Efani's secure mobile service you have one of the most private phone solutions available.

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How does it work?

The Above Phone can be used with the Efani physical SIM. Simply activate and insert your Efani SIM for service. The phone uses the Android operating system as its base, so its familiar and packed with features. The phone's connections to big tech have been removed.  

You can download apps from multiple sources, and even from typical app stores. Your favorite apps can run on Above Phone. Plus important apps like navigation, camera, notes, and more are already included. We make the transition easy, so go Above!

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Safety Procedures

Our security protocols use an 11-layer proprietary verification process, and no hacking attempt has ever passed beyond the third step:

  • Any major change must be approved by multiple staff members and run through a rigorous manual process, including a notarized statement.
  • A SIM swap can only go ahead after a 14-day cooling off period.
Safety Procedures

Our Team

Employees can be a company’s greatest strength — or its weakest link. This is why we leave nothing to chance.

  • Conduct stringent background checks, making our screening process the equivalent of a top-level security clearance.
  • Provide extensive training for every staff member, no matter how good their technical background is at the start.
  • Pay our employees well above the industry average to disincentivize rogue behavior.
  • Monitor our staff (including CCTV). We are fully transparent about this requirement, and our team knows we need to do this before they sign on.

We hire great people, support them fully, and give them the respect they deserve.

Our Team