Most Secure
Mobile Service

Secure Mobile Phone Service against SIM Swap

11-Layer of Proprietary authentication

Backed by a $5M Insurance Coverage

61 Days 100% money back guarantee


Unlimited talk, text, and data across North America.
Global High-Speed Data
Unlimited texting to 200+ countries
Hotspot & Wi-Fi calling
No Contract
SIM Security backed $5M Insurance Coverage
61-Days 100% Money Back Guarantee
Apple Watch and iPad
Unlimited Global Calling
International talk, text and data Roaming
Cruise & Airline roaming
Apple Watch and iPad
Unlimited Global Calling
International talk, text and data Roaming
Cruise & Airline roaming
Protecting Thousands of Executives from Top Organizations

Why Efani?

Cellphone Hack Attempts are successful
Increase in Victims in 2022
Average Loss per incident per victim
Our Cellphone is connected to our Bank Accounts, email, social media and other sensitive information. It's the #1 target for hackers to steal funds or take over your accounts for extortion. We guarantee SIM swap protection and insure you for $5 Million.

FBI Reported a 5.67X Increase in SIM Swap Scams Last Year.

80% of the attempts to get into a phone account are successful. Hackers can drain your bank account or take over your email and social media for extortion. Tens of thousands of people lose their life savings and reputation every day.

Traditional mobile phone services are optimized for cheaper cellphone plans to serve the mass market and ignore the cybersecurity requirements. After losing everything due to cellphone company negligence, the most you can get is an automated apology email.

We’re victims of such attacks, so built Efani Secure Mobile Phone service, to protect other high-risk individuals by preventing SIM swap attacks.

Efani’s customer support is world-class and tremendously helpful. This is a must-have in any personal security toolkit along with password managers and 2FA apps.

Matthew Nguyen, Co-Founder, Telefuel

I am happy to be able to put my cell number back on my business card. Security & Privacy is what made me switch to Efani. Peace of mind is priceless.

Marshal Long, Owner, Bitcoin Mining OC

What’s Efani?

Efani is a bespoke cybersecurity-focused secure phone service protecting high-risk individuals against mobile hacks. We provide the best in class protection and back with a $5M Insurance Coverage.

We’re comparable to your current cellphones plans in terms of coverage & features but comes with additional 11-layers of proprietary authentication protection.

Recommend by the Top Experts

Dr Edward Amoroso
Former Chief Information Security Officer
Steve Cooper
Former CIO
Phillip J. Bond
Former Under Secretary for Technology

Black Seal Protection™

All-in-one Mobile Network Cyber Security

Detect. Alert. Protect. Manage.


  • IMSI Catchers
  • Denial-of-Service
  • Man-in-the-Middle
  • Mobile impersonation
  • Malware delivery


  • SS7/Diameter
  • Mobile identity theft
  • SIM Swapping
  • Geo Location Protection


  • Mobile phishing links
  • APN Redirection
  • DNS manipulation
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Malware/Trojan connectivity


  • Malicious origin
  • 2FA SMS hijacking
  • Silent SMS
  • SMS phishing
  • Malicious content
  • SPAM/Spoof call blocking

Black Seal Protection™ is a Zero Trust SIM solution which protects all the data packets inbound/outbound from your device. It's only available by Invitation to ultra high-risk executives. Please contact to to determine your eligibility. It's NOT for general users

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Efani's concierge team will secure your current phone number within 10 minutes without any interruption. No Activation or Shipping Fee. If you don't like it, we'll give you a 100% refund.

Frequently asked questions

How is Efani secure mobile coverage?

We use coverage from all the major telecom providers so you can pickup the carrier you want. You can stay with your current carrier or we can advise you based on your location.

Do you offer Family or corporate Plans?

Yes, we offer family and corporate plans. Please contact us.

What if I am on a corporate or Family plan?

In most cases, you can leave your corporate plans and get reimbursement. You should be able to secure your number without disrupting their plan for family plans. Please get in touch if you’ve any questions.

What about my contract?

We're able to take over any contract with out any issues.

Do you offer free trials ?

No. but we offer 100% money-back guarantee for any reason in 61-days.

Will my data throttle?

Although we offer Unlimited Data, it's not a replacement for home internet. After 40 GB, your data will slow down. Less than 0.1% of people use more than 40GB of data, and we’re happy to find a solution if you need more data.

Do you provide cellphones?

Short answer is no, because cellphone upgrades are a trick to keep you locked into a contract and pay inflated prices over time; we generally recommend buying it outright. Being said so, we’re happy to upgrade you if you still need it.

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